Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bloom Colorado Women!

I recently had a conversation with someone who told me he has not voted since the 1980’s because there really is no point.   I once heard somewhere that in reality there is no such thing as not voting – you either vote by voting or you vote by staying home.  When you vote by staying home you double the value of someone else’s vote.  That really stuck with me.

Local issues directly affect us more than presidential elections so why do we pay more attention to them?  Ballot measures in every election are important.  These measures can include amendments to your state constitution, bonds, levies and mayoral, school board and city council elections as well as many other issues.
Local elections determine the quality of life in our communities, schools and the safety of our neighborhoods.  Local elections are where the most relevant policy decisions of any government are made.  It is quite ironic that there is lower voter turnout in local elections when those are the elections where voters have the greatest say in who represents them.

I’ll be honest.  I did not realize how important local politics are.  As with state and federal governments, your tax dollars are being used and you have the right to know what they are being used for.  Of course, I knew that but I hadn’t really considered that I might have more of an impact on how those funds are appropriated within my community.

Today I talked with several people in the hopes that I could get a better handle on how to figure this whole local side to politics out without having to go to city council meetings.  Who has time for that? Interestingly, I found that most people are only really zeroed in on a limited number of issues and often times only one.  That doesn’t paint a complete picture for me.

One of the gals I spoke with brought up my last article that called for us to start talking politics.  As we explored that notion further she had an idea of forming casual groups to get together once a month to talk about the issues in a more social and relaxed setting where there’s no expectation of foreknowledge of the who’s who in Colorado politics or even the current issues at hand to learn while connecting with other women who are interested in seeking the truth so they can make up their own minds… a sort of Kitchen Table Talk.

Historically, we have seen that women can accomplish great things.  Back in our homeschooling days we hosted a Great American Women Masquerade where the girls in our homeschool support group came dressed up as their favorite Great American Woman and then presented why they picked the woman that they did.  I spoke about Laura Ingalls Wilder and how she didn’t start writing until she was 60 years old. She simply wrote about the life she had already lived.  I then gave each of the girls a flower explaining that we all bloom at different times because each of the women that had been chosen were of varying ages.

Is it possible that there is an untapped reservoir of wisdom and strength within the women of Colorado?  What if we came together with all our various experience and points of view to discuss this community that we share?  Maybe, just maybe… it is time for Colorado women to bloom! 

Published in Common Sense News October 2013