Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The recent announcements by several Democrats (Dodd, Dorgan and Ritter) that they will be retiring or not seeking re-election are... interesting. It certainly puts the pressure on Obama to get those things he wants to passed as soon as possible.

At the same time, there is something going on here in the city of Colorado Springs. There is a lot of talk about the city selling the Memorial Health System. Memorial consists of three hospitals on two campuses and does not receive taxpayer money. It is a self-supporting city enterprise that pays operating expenses through revenue and cash reserves. People have said that it is about to become a liability for the city, so it's a good time to get rid of it... they did lose money through a devaluation of their investment portfolio to the tune of $28 million last year. However, on the other side of things they have remained profitable.

I just can't help but wonder... and that may be from my lack of knowledge on how all this works... but, could this push be in response to the health care stuff going on in Washington?

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paul mitchell said...

CB, you know it is a response to the push for federal control of medical services. They are in a rush to remove all facilities from forced coverage of reduced fees. This is going to be terrible and so far I have already lost two hospital jobs because no one is going to make a move to upgrade or add equipment right now because most of the bill is totally ambiguous.