Wednesday, September 23, 2009

World Politics

In my quest to understand the middle east I have had my eyes opened to a few things. The fact is that in today's world global politics are just as important as our own U.S. politics. There is no doubt that the United States is the current most powerful nation. However, there are changes being made here that could change that.

When I wrote the post on Palestine I went into researching that with a certain mindset. I first learned of the Holocaust when I was in high school and was very affected by it. I was not raised in a Christian home and was not aware of the history of the Jews from a biblical perspective. My heart broke for a people so mistreated. When I learned of the plight of the Palestinians, my heart also broke for them. As much as I know that life is not fair, I want it to be so.

What is it that drives different people groups throughout the world? Their beliefs. Those beliefs are shaped by their experiences... their history as a people, their lifestyle or culture (which is, in large part, determined by where they are located geographically and what natural resources are available in those areas that enable them to be either self sustaining and/or develop trade with others) and what they believe the purpose of life is. As much as many people would like to leave religion out of things, it is impossible.

Mrs. BLBeamer made the comment in my last post that she was hoping I would not be discussing the middle east as much because it seems to be a futile effort. Maybe so. However, I am more interested, at this point, in understanding it and how it relates to the rest of the world. I will, even though I am disgusted with U.S. politics, also get back into looking at what is going on here.

Today the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be addressing the United Nations. Gateway Pundit has this post up about Canada boycotting the speech and is planning on going to the U.N. today to report on what is happening.

We know that Iran now has nuclear capabilities.

What do you think this means for the United States?

For Israel?

Update: In case you haven't figured it out, Gateway Pundit is my favorite political blog. He has updates throughout the day of what is going on around the world. I really appreciate his straightforward style. He has this post up about the protest against Ahmadinejad outside of the U.N. complete with pictures. He says there is another scheduled for tomorrow. He also has this post up about President Obama using his speech to the U.N. General Assembly to warn Israel that "America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements."

I am currently taking a class on Bible prophecy. It is providing a different lense with which to look through at what is happening around the world right now. It is foretold in the Bible that the world will turn its back on Israel and that would have to include the United States.


Roland Hulme said...

Ha - get this, you will laugh. I'm currently teaching Sunday school. I'm a lector at my local church AND I teach sunday school. Am I just the worst atheist ever or WHAT?

So glad your blog is back! And I love your approach to the middle east because it's a real breath of fresh air. Most people aren't like you - they have an opinion before they know the facts. I really, really, can't quite give justice to how much I really, admire you for all you write on the subject.

I am uncomfortably pro-Israel because I have Israeli friends. I have seen some terrible things done to Palestinians, but it's difficult for me to empathize because I don't know any Palestinians, whereas I have Israeli friends and you can't argue with the fact that they get blown up on a regular basis. It's a horrible situation and there's really no 'right' or 'wrong' because they're both 'wrong' - but yet, both sides are 'right' because all they're asking it the right to exist in their homeland.


You're a brave woman to tackle this. Far from the 'uneducated' housewife you think you are. You teach all of us a lesson! Good for you.

Susanne said...

I'm glad your blog is back as well! I grew up very much pro-Israel and if my choice were Israel vs. Iran, I'd been cheering on the Jewish State for sure! I really *hate* Iran's leadership and "Islamic republic."

I didn't start changing my views on the Israel/Palestine issue until I met my Arab friends. But you know that story already so why rehash it?

As for your class on Bible prophecy, I just wanted to throw out there that other opinions exist even in Christian circles. I know (and subscribed to speak) the views you are probably hearing and didn't realize there were other viewpoints from "good" Christians out there. Just wanted you to be aware of it.

Honestly I don't mind that the Jewish people have a homeland. What I so strongly reject is the way they did it and how they continue to hold people in an oppressed state. I didn't realize all this was going on until I started looking at sources OUTSIDE the US media. I even have local acquaintances (a Presbyterian minister and her husband) who are currently in the West Bank living there and doing work among the Israelis and Palestinians. I trust her more than the MSM since she is THERE and can see firsthand what is going on. Plus I read those couple of books I mentioned before and they told quite a different story than you'll hear on cable TV.

My opinion on the settlers -- they need to be stopped and not encouraged to steal more land all because they are think they are "God's chosen people." If you are God's chosen people, then act like God commanded you to act and stop stealing and killing. Of course they forget how their Law instructs them to treat people living among them. How convenient.

I don't understand why we think Jesus' coming fulfilled the Law and the NT has principles which we live by. Except in this matter pertaining to Israel, we dismiss all that Jesus taught and go back to Joshua-like war mentality. As if Israel is more important than Christ! And Romans teaches us about spiritual descendants of Abraham .. not physical or circumsized ones. Anyway.. I'll have to check out your favorite political blog. Thanks for the recommendation and glad to see you back!

Roland, they allow atheists to teach at your church? You even have a church? Wow. Is it First Atheist Church of New Jersey? :) I guess your Sunday school class is quite different from the ones I'm used to. ;)

Coffee Bean said...


I've really been grappling with the Israeli/Palestinian question all summer. I've moved from trying to reconcile right and wrong in this situation and have become an observer. I know that probably doesn't make much sense right now but I hope that it will soon.


You are most interesting! Does your church know you are an atheist?

Louai said...

Good to hear from you again !

In my mind much more important issue that Iran has never been part of the Middle East ! whatever the media said, they are from a different background ,different language ,and differnent geographical area so i dont know where is the common ground between Arabs and Iran !

Anyway, for the USA it makes everything much easier my friend! probably you forgot that Iraq in 1982 they had a nuclear capability and simply Israel through two rockets on it ,end of story! and by the way Iraq at the time was the forth strongest air force in the world and nothing happened !
I am not saying that America should destroy it, but it gives a reason to the world to put Iran under more pressure that killed the economy as what start to happen right now.

So to me nothing important in his speech, unfortunately he lost his popularity and Iran is going to the "Unknown future" regarding its internal issues which is become much bigger every year!
and for Israel, i told yo before that we keep hearing a lot of things from Iran, and as you know Arabs and Israel has 6 wars throughout the last 60 years, Arabs didnt have any support from Iran in any of the 6 wars, so who do you think the biggest problem to Israel?

Coffee Bean said...

Hi Louai!

You don't consider Iran part of the Middle East? Is that common among the Arab nations? I was aware that they did not offer any help during the wars you mentioned but I figured there was some sort of affiliation. I am sure there are many misperceptions I, and other Americans, have. It is so hard to understand things on the other side of the world when coming from such a different background.

I did know about the Israelis taking care of Iraq in 1982. Even the U.S. said they should not have done that at the time but nothing was done about it... of course. I think things may be a bit different today though. I sincerely doubt that the U.S. under Obama would take out Iran's nuclear capability and I wonder how the world would react to Israel doing it. I guess we will find out before too long.

What else can you tell us?

BLBeamer said...

I'm with Susanne on the Biblical prophecy issue. I'd be cautious about interpreting "Israel" in many prophecies as a literal nation with borders, government, tax laws and foreign policy.

Coffee Bean said...

Hey BLBeamer,

I will not be getting into bible prophecy as far as to say what I think the correct interpretation is (because I don't know). However, I would like to take a look at it and what the past/current intrepretations have been/are and how they may relate to some things going on in our world... if only from the perspective of group ideologies.

Hmmmm... clear as mud?

Mrs. Beamer said...

In keeping with your mentioning of the current General Assembly of the U.N., I thought the comments of Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, were absolutely brilliant. The comments made by Obama were praised and applauded by the likes of Putin, Ahmadinejad, Castro and Chavez - need I say more?

Coffee Bean said...

It is very interesting Mrs. BLBeamer.

Mrs. Beamer said...

Ah, I also forgot to mention Libyan leader (and perennial loon) Muammar Qaddafi as a supporter of Obama. He referred to him as "my son" in his rambling tirade in front of the U.N. General Assembly. Wow, there seems to be bigger freak show collection of world leaders at the U.N. General Assembly than there were in the cantina bar scene in Star Wars.

In case there is anyone that thinks that Qaddafi's support for Obama is one-sided, please refer to the recent announcement that the Obama administration is requesting a $400,000 grant to be given to 2 Libyan foundations that are run by Qaddafi family members. The purpose of the money is to promote a better and more positive image of Libya to the world. I think sending over a giant piece of duct tape for Colonel Qadaffi's mouth would be a good first step in the Libyan PR campaign and be much cheaper for the U.S.