Sunday, June 14, 2009

Reaction to Sunday's Netanyahu Speech and Iranian Election Results

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu endorsed a Palestinian state alongside Israel for the first time today. However, the conditions he attached were that the Palestinians had to recognize the state of Israel, could not have an army, refugees would not be negotiated and settlements would remain. Palestinians rejected the proposal.

Netanyahu Corrects Obama in Speech

Netanyahu Endorses Palestinian Independence

The June 12, 2009, Iranian presidential election went to incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with 66% of the votes cast leaving Hossein Mousavi 33% of the vote. Violent protests have been raging amidst allegations of voter fraud. Initially U.S. officials said they would not accept Ahmadinejad's victory but are now saying that they will negotiate with the regime.


Landslide or Fraud?


1. What do you think of Netanyahu's speech?

2. What impact will Ahmadinejad have on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, if any?


Two Dogs said...

Bibi did the right thing, gave the terrorists the opportunity to surrender, but they cannot take that path.

Oh, come on, everyone knows that Mahmans Assimgonnajab is backing the Palestinian terrorists and giving them weapons.

BLBeamer said...

1. I didn't hear or read Netanyahu's speech, but if history is any indication, it will change nothing.

2. The Iranian election will change nothing since only candidates approved by Khameini and the "Guardians" can be on the ballot, anyway.

Personally, I hope the little guy wins so we can have more comedy gold like this: Iran So Far.

WARNING: there's a 30-second commercial initially, but stick with it. It's worth it (especially at 1:56).

Roland Hulme said...

Hey CB! Sorry I didn't pop my head in earlier.

The Iran election's INTERESTING. It's not nearly as cut and dried as everybody thinks it is. I just wrote a post about it on my blog. I had Ahmajihad asmuch as anybody, but it's not clear there was ANY fraud going on (well, no more than can be expected in a middle eastern election.)

BLBeamer said...

Roland said, "'s not clear there was ANY fraud going on (well, no more than can be expected in a middle eastern election.)"

Which is to say that it's about on the same level as your typical Chicago ward? ;)

Susanne said...

1. I think Netanyahu's demands are Israeli dreams. Unrealistic.

2. I don't like Ahmadinejad. I am inspired by the Iranian protesters. I realize the other guy is probably not that much better. As Beamer said only the approved candidates make the short list. However, I am inspired BY THE PEOPLE for daring to rebel against the top cleric. I guess I just admire people who will stand up to the "top dog" and challenge his rule. I'm not a fan of Islamic or any other sort of dictatorships, I reckon. I see Americans just accepting more and more loss of freedom as we shirk our responsibilities and want the gov't to rescue us. And I guess the Southern part of me just like rebellious people. :-)

Louai said...

Well , let me focus in Ahmedi Najat ,

The most important in this guy is his relation with other Arab countries specially the gulf area and Syria .
He create some kind of stability between Arab countries and Israel in terms of the power balance (Unfortunately the west considering Iran is our biggest ally to Arabs).

Historically , Iran never faced any better leader than this guy ,Cuz he just attacked the west ,Israel ,in his speeches yet he never did anything in the ground Iran used to support some militias against Israel in Lebanon ,but not anymore after 2003 (after the death of Hariri PM of Lebanon)

He promised to help Syria in any future war ,then we discovered when Syria attacked by two Israeli Fighters ,he didn’t do anything ,nothing more another speech to through Israel to the sea and his guardians are ready to the next war ?? I don’t know why he said that ,but quite sure that Israel will never has any better leader than Ahamdi Najad who just famous in his bloody speeches ,but nothing in Hands ? some will say that they will have nuclear weapons very soon ,as what The Times last Saturday said they will never have any N weapon in the coming 10 years At least ,If they can !
As a conclusion , his impact obviously worth nothing more another words ,till they run out of oil ,then I think you will barely hear anything about Iran.

Coffee Bean said...

Hey Louai,

I find your perspective very interesting! What do you think about all of the protests in Iran? I'm interested in your opinion of Mousavi as well.