Friday, February 27, 2009

Would You Like a Cuppa Tea?

Today is the big Tea Party day! Michelle Malkin has got a list of where all these Tea Parties are happening and is twittering (I don't twitter but some of you might). I'm very interested to see how the mainstream media covers this.

Gateway Pundit has a bunch of interesting stuff up (as usual) including a link to this Yahoo article about a panel suggesting a federal gas tax based on mileage. Sound familiar?

I've been reading Colorado Senator Brophy's blog and really like it. He's got a down to earth style. Check it out.

Finally, Two Dogs has got a post up that I really like that is a clarification of what he believes.


1. What is your opinion of the Tea Party demonstrations?

2. How are you feeling about the changes already made under President Obama's administration?


Two Dogs said...

The rally in my area is at the State Capitol. I avoid that place like the PLAGUE because I don't want my car stolen. On the last day of the month, everyone is out cashing their government checks, so the streets are overrun with the criminals in Jacktown. You cannot swing a rat on a string without hitting one of the gummint's finest deadbeats today. I have to pass.

I have yet to see a single ounce of change from the Obamoron administration and I call myself paying attention to it. If you mean the exponential growth of every bad policy every implemented, I am philosophically opposed to hiring the dumbest humans that you can find to spend the greatest sums of money to be had. Just watching the same old, same old, really dumb people taking money from those that earned it and giving to people too stupid to find work.

But, I saw that coming three years ago when Jughead announced his candidacy.

I thing that I find doubly strange is that Bush was supposedly the dumbest president that we ever had and he sped up the growth of the economy that was started by Reagan after we got rid of the worst president in history to that point. Now, we have supposedly the smartest president that we have ever had and in less than a month, he has almost tripled the debt of the country and crashed the market. Bring back the dumb guy, because obviously only dumb people can do good things.

One Salient Oversight said...

The reason why I don't respect your opinion Two Dogs is because you are factually incoherent, unable to make reasonable associations and resort to insults 100% of the time.

Anyone who blames Obama for the current level of Government debt has not checked the facts and does not deserve to be listened to.

You deserve a tax rise.

Two Dogs said...

OSO, I am sorry that you do not respect my opinion. I do not "respect" yours either. Of course, mine is right and yours has failed everywhere it has been tried. But, maybe yours will work if morons like Barry Obama keep trying it. So far, it doesn't look good for President Jughead.

Just so you know, I pay over half of my income in taxes. What is the level of taxation that you deem necessary? Shackles in the cotton field? Your philosophical brethren just drug people off and killed them. I think that my philosophy is more desirable than yours, because mine rewards accomplishment and motivation, yours, well, yours rewards no one except the people that wield the whip.

Also, Barry and the moron Congress have tripled the national debt in less than two months. Do you see anything wrong with that and why would you try to imply that he hasn't? So, I guess that means that you do not deserve to listened to, hmmmm?

Is it lost on you that the economy is going straight in the dumper BECAUSE of Barry and the Democrat Congress? Hey, the Dow fell below 7000 this morning. Just go to Google Finance, type in DJIA (that's the Dow-Jones Industrial Average, OSO) and see EXACTLY when that metric started going South. Oddly enough, it is around two months after the Dem Congress was sworn in. The collapse almost coincides perfectly with the passage of a three year minimum wage increase plan. Could that wage hike, a tax, in effect, have anything to do with stuff going wrong?

So far, the OSO Economic Plan is a rip-roaring sucess! You should be proud, sir. You have reduced everyone's 401Ks to half in less than two years! (Yes, I know that many people have lost every penny they had in the market, but don't blame OSO's philosophical brethren, they will KILL you.)

By the way, you did nothing but insult ME in your last comment, most people with manners would not do that on a blog that doesn't belong to me, but hey! Wear the shoe. I got mine on.

Coffee Bean said...

Boys Boys! I don't delete comments on my blog because I don't want to... and I'm not going to start. I do want to let you know that there are some people that read regularly that do not comment but do communicate with me through e-mail. You have an opportunity here to express your opinions and ideas which can teach or help to shape the opinions and ideas of those reading. It might help to keep that in the back of your mind when you come across those that you disagree with on here. We are all big boys and girls and don't have to agree.

Two Dogs said...

Coffee Bean, it is helpful to my argument that the market is giving us a firsthand lesson in the ULTIMATE FAIL of economic socialism, which OSO advocates. In two years, Democrats have been successful in undoing all of the gains from the previous twelve years.

Of course we all do not have to agree, but we certainly can explore the facts, can't we? When someone's OPINION runs contrary to actual occurrences and facts, do we still have to consider them to be a viable source of information or can we simply shrug them away?

Of course, the media is just talking about Rush Limbaugh's speech at CPAC today instead of focusing on the utter failure of the Democrat Congress and Barry Obama.