Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tea Party U.S.A. Movement

Michelle Malkin has a great post up about the Tea Party U.S.A. movement with many links to protests to be held this week in many cities. It is jam packed with information and even has a link with detailed tips on how to organize your own tea party protest. There are also a ton of humorous parodies set to old Schoolhouse Rock songs, American Pie, Janis Joplin's Mercedes Benz, Dixie and others. I think y'all will find it worth your time to read.

Senator Jim DeMint from South Carolina sees America's unique centuries-old system of freedom dying out and he thinks we may have to take to the streets to save it. "I would think it's time to start thinking about peaceful demonstrations," Augusta Chronicle.


1. Taxation without representation sparked the Revolutionary War. What do you think about the parallels between then and today?

2. Do you think these tea party demonstrations will be peaceful and do you think they will have an impact?


One Salient Oversight said...

Anyone who blames the current economic mess upon the Democrats has a screw loose.

I'm not saying the Obama Stimulus package is a good thing - it's just that conservatives protesting against Democrat spending seem a mite hypocritical.

The current crisis has its origins with budget deficits under Reagan and, more recently, Bush 2.

Republican control of Congress between 1994 and 2006 was also responsible for this fiscal mess.

In short - the stats back the idea that Republicans (and thus conservatives) have been the fiscally irresponsible party.

Again I'm not saying that Obama and the current Democratic Congress are somehow wonderful and making good decisions - far from it. But put blame where it lies.

Malkin should be leading a national self-flaggelation movement. Where's the personal responsibility otherwise?

BLBeamer said...

OSO is right about the Republicans spending, but Malkin is one of those few who has been consistently calling out the GOP for years on their hypocrisy and irresponsibility. Malkin has no need to self-flagellate, but 98% of the GOP does.

The Dems have not been entirely innocent, however. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd fought tooth and nail to protect Fannie Mae, for example.

On to CB's questions:

1. Taxation with representation ain't everything it was cracked up to be, either.

2. I think they will be peaceful, but as to their impact, Pres. Obama will either promise to do something about it, and the protesters will naively believe him; or, he will sniff and act offended, his lickspittles in the press will discover that some of the protesters voted for Obama and will feverishly work overtime to discredit the movement by shouting "Hypocrites!". Then, the climactic demonstration will be scheduled, but since it will coincide with American Idol finals, no one will show up.

Coffee Bean said...

BLBeamer you crack me up! Methinks you are right.


I don't think I've engaged in any finger pointing here on this blog as to the origins of this mess. That mainly comes from the fact that I got married young, had 3 children in 3 1/2 years and then spent the majority of these last twenty years focused on raising kids. It really wasn't until it came time to teach my kids American history and government that I realized my own lack of knowledge.

Who is to blame? Ultimately, the American people, of which I am one. We are a nation full of ill/non informed voters. Many base their decisions on Saturday Night Live, sound bytes and commercials and don't even understand how our system works. Our public school systems are widely more concerned with social programming than teaching the three R's (reading, writing, arithmatic).

We are a representative republic. We are supposed to have a government for the people, by the people. Those of us not in politics are constituents to those that are. We can't have a true voice in the running of our government if we don't know what the heck is going on or even who our representatives are!

Conservatives have not been happy with the Republican party for some time. It seems to me that fiscal irresponsibility has been served up by both parties. All this speculation over which party at fault is counter productive at this point.

People need to start looking in the mirror and taking responsibility for themselves first. I have cast votes in the past without being fully informed... that makes me responsible for standing by and allowing things to happen through my complacency. So many people just don't care until they think they don't have something they believe they have a right to whether that be food, healthcare, a home, a car or a converter box so that they can keep watching TV.

We are in a terrible mess and this "stimulus" package and the underlying massive power grab by the government is unfortunately what it seems to be taking to get some people to wake up. At the same time... others are so completely blind and have not the ability to see beyond the end of their nose.

Two Dogs said...

Anyone that tries to blame the current economic crisis on Reagan, is a barking moonbat and is not knowledgeable enough to speak on economics or government. Jimmy Carter, the worst president ever in the history of country, created the problems in our economy today. Think CRA, 1977. Bill Clinton, the IMPEACHED president, strengthened CRA, hastening the collapse of today. BOTH WERE DEMOCRATS. Democrats created 100% of the problems in the country, racism, sexism, communism, and activist governments. True enough, the Republicans spent money for four years of the 233 of our country, but anyone that blames our current economic woes on that should really just go back to playing with their yo-yo or jacks and leave thought to people better qualified to handle it. By that I mean the people that have a modicum of capacity for intelligent thought.

I have no idea IF the activist role from intelligent people will have any effect on the stupidity surrounding the Obama lunacy, because our government run media will not cover it. Maybe if instead of "tea-Party" they called it "one million homosexual, bi-racial socialists having sex in front of children," it would get good coverage.

I know that conservative demonstrations will be peaceful, but the ideology of "democracy" has allowed people that don't own property to vote. This in itself is a bad thing.