Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stimulus Contains Possible Rationed Medicine



Two Dogs said...

Concerned, are we?

Coffee Bean said...

Yes. Very.

Of course, we knew this was coming. People just do not get it. They cannot see beyond what they think would be best for them in this moment.

I can't even write anymore right now. It wouldn't be nice.

Roland Hulme said...

It's a valid point - in the UK, the nationalized health service only issue generic drugs and don't even alert people to treatment that isn't covered by the 'free' healthcare.

My wife and I had a friend with a brain tumour. The national health service had no treatment available and told her it was terminal. Fortunately, this girl's mother didn't accept that answer and did some research. A hospital in Boston offered a new treatment and for $50,000, this girl's life was SAVED.

Whenever anybody criticizes the private healthcare system we have in America, I remember that. This lovely young lady would be dead now if it wasn't for the 'terrible' system of private healthcare we have here.