Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Gateway Pundit: Unreal! Obama Replaces "Hail to the Chief" With Sting's "Desert Rose" -- With Arabic Lyrics#links


Two Dogs said...

You gotta wear big girl pants to read Jim.

Coffee Bean said...

Funny Two Dogs.

This bothers me on several different levels.

#1 Many may see the informality that Obama is bringing to the White House as a good change... but, there is a certain level of formality that should be maintained in light of the fact that he is dealing with leaders across the world. There are cultural differences and there really should be great care taken in how the United States is represented through its president.

#2 There seems to be a lack of respect toward the history and tradition behind some aspects of the presidency. Really, a lack of honor shown.

#3 The song choice... Arabic... really? I know Obama is trying his hand at being the great uniter... unfurl your fist and we'll skip through fields of wild flowers hand in hand... or across the sand... I don't care for Dr. Phil (really, not at all) but, he has a saying that I do like, "The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior." You can't take the past history with... say, Iran, and lay it to the side and say, "Hey, it's all good. Let's be buds! I'm new, I'm cool and all I need you to do is to look into my eyes and be mesmerized by my awesomeness." Obama is not taking the cultural differences into account AT ALL. By cultural differences here I am talking about how those in the middle east view those of us (and our lifestyle) in the west. If Obama thinks he is earning their respect... oh boy.

Two weeks... It has been two weeks. The nominations... the tax problems... the shoving through of a stimulus package that isn't a stimulus package at all. Where are we headed? I was worried that we would become a socialist nation if Obama was elected... but, I also thought it would take time.

Two Dogs said...

Coffee Bean, the problem with trying to live your life according to morals is that there are more people that are not doing the same as you. I knew that Obama would jump to push his fascist agenda as quickly as possible before the bottom fell out of the economy completely and there was no confiscated money to do it with. He wrote two books about his love of fascism. The fact that the national media is complicit in pushing his agenda certainly helps him. Journalists are very dumb people and always have been in my lifetime.

There is a great disconnect in the ideology of the two differing political sides, but there exists a commonality as well. Both believe in government solving problems. Therein lies the contradiction with the philosophy contained in our Constitution of limited government and freedom FROM other men.

The so-called Right and the so-called Left are the exact same thing when viewed from the lens of an independent freedom loving person. Capitalism solves all problems because it is just. Capitalism doesn't just encompass the idea of unfettered trade, the same philosophy can be applied to anything.

Point in case, abortion. The Left wants government mandated and financed abortion at any point during pregnancy. The Right wants absolutely no abortions at all. Both want a law guaranteeing their ideology being the one accepted. They want a law mandating THOUGHT. Both ideologies are patently unconstitutional.

Capitalists and freedom minded people do not want any federal law concerning abortion or thought. This is also the most moral way to handle the problem. Abortion is wrong, why concentrate any time or effort to debate what is wrong? We all know that abortion is the taking of a life, anyone that disputes that is either intellectually handicapped or a liar.

The same mentality begs the question, "When does stealing become legal?" It already is. The federal government takes my money, against my wishes, and gives it to someone else. Give me a term that describes that action.

The ultimate goal is to re-establish the ability to make intelligent choices. Legislation removes choice. As long as the "Right" focuses on the particulars of what this corrupt administration is doing and not the philosophy, there can be no change of direction, it is just a battle of particulars.

As far as the way that Barry is so casual at work, we had eight years of that in the Clinton administration. Birkenstocks and blue jeans, baby! They focus on eroding the morality and reverence of the greatest institutions of our country. They blur the lines of morality and greatness to obscure the fact that they are mediocre, because they want to "put on airs" without any of the excellence. Yet, the left continues to exclaim that their candidates are "One of Us!" How do those two contradictory positions equate?

Sorry, I want greatness from my elected officials. I do not want Bubba Roy from down to the diner as president. Or Jamal from the park.

Coffee Bean said...

Two Dogs,

You make some very good points.

I still very much like your idea of the government getting out of marriage all together... that way that relationship is left up to the individuals and what they want it to be... taking with it the fight over gay marriage and whether anti-discrimination laws will ever affect the church.

Where abortion is concerned, the thing that bothers me more than it being legal is the fact that money is taken from those of us against it to fund it. In the end, issues of that nature come down to individual responsibility. I don't think that abortion will ever be overturned nationally... however, individual state rights on the issue are threatened where partial birth abortion is concerned.

The Civil War was not just about ending slavery. There are some that say it wasn't about slavery at all... but, that was part of it. However, it was about state rights to decide those issues. HR 1 has so many stipulations that really give over control in states to the federal government. Do people not see the danger in that? Do people not see the parallels from history? The fall of Rome... the Civil War... Hitler?

My Dad always loved to say, "He who has the gold rules." How is it that so many in this country are willingly entering into the loss of their freedom? Do they not understand?

Two Dogs said...

CB, my philosophy embraces the harder path. To sum it up nicely is to say, "I have never had an easy time of achieving good things."

Incrementalism is the key to removing freedoms. If Roe v. Wade is never overturned, there shall never be freedom in this country again. Simple.

States doing the same things as the federal government is (obvviously) the very same thing. There is no freedom in incrementalism. The morality of a group means nothing to me. my morality and freedom is guaranteed by the Constitution. Any government legislation that usurps my individual freedom is bad. However, I must accept some directive from government, it is just that I have determined that the minimum amount of law is the best amount of law.