Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have a vague and fuzzy grasp on history. Being a product of the public education system and a community college drop out, most of what I know now I learned on my own. I'm trying to step away from the compartmentalization of different times in history in my mind and bring it all together for myself. This is very hard to do. What I am learning is that I can't fully understand U.S. History without first understanding European History.

Actually, I now see that to truly understand, you have to go back to the very beginning of recorded history. ... the people, the religions, the philosophies and ideologies, the emergence of scientific thought, all the different forms of government, the wars and revolutions, the advancement of technology... it all builds on each other.

This is overwhelming to say the least. To get a better understanding of where we are we need to know where we have been. I'm not talking as an American here. I am talking as a human being. The United States is the big melting pot and comprised of people from all over the world... people that were influenced by their place of origin and that bring/brought their unique views developed by their life experience. Everything is connected. Fashion and technology change, human nature and the problems we face really don't.

I've been noticing the philosophers during different eras had a great impact on many world leaders. When I go to people's homes I often take note of what reading material they have lying around and the sorts of books they have on their shelves. It is probably more revealing of a person's interests and character than anything else. We once visited a church and decided not to go back due to the books they had on the shelves in their bookstore.

The American Thinker has this post up today, Allies of Palestinians have a powerful friend in Obama, by Ed Lasky. It is a very interesting piece that I found through Gateway Pundit.

There is a picture of Barak Obama carrying the book, “The Post-American World” that was written by Fareed Zakaria. Please take the time to read the article.


What do you think President Obama's ultimate goal is in regard to Islamic states?


Two Dogs said...

When you have questions, the best way to find the answers is the look at the philosophy of the day. I have found this to be true in everything. Kant killed philosophy (pretty much all thought in general, too) and that is why we are now at our current stage. Our population believes that Barack is smart when he has exhibited not one single coherent thought since we first saw him.

Barack Obama is the typical leftist who worships moral relativism. He FEELS that all cultures and ideology are congruent. He will accomplish exactly what his mentor Jimmah Carter accomplished. FAILURE, because of severe lack of intelligence and disdain for knowledge. We now have a president that actually believes that history means nothing and his wishes can accomplish anything. He is the epitome of anti-intellectualism and his champions seriously couldn't succeed in special ed classes.

Just hide and watch as one trillion dollars in Hopey-Change accomplishes the exact opposite of what he says will happen. Then the "evil corporations" shall be blamed for his lack of intelligence and ignorance.

By the way, since Barry was elected, the Dow has fallen almost twenty percent. Just knowing Barry was going to be at the helm has caused our thirty largest companies to lose one fifth of their value. The Dow might even make 7400 today.

BLBeamer said...

I can't say that I know what - if any - Barack's real ultimate goal is on anything. Except, of course, getting elected and now re-elected.

His sometimes lofty rhetoric was just that: rhetoric. I don't hold a lot of stock in many of the things he said because it was insubstantial (e.g., "heal the planet"; "make the world like us"; etc.) Many of the substantive things he said require Congress' cooperation, and that is a dicey proposition.

He is much like the newly elected G. W. Bush in that regard. Up until the 9/11 attacks I felt like G. W. Bush was making his program up as he went along. And even after, to a great extent.

One Salient Oversight said...

I agree with Beamer. Politicians are all self serving and are inherently flawed. Obama isn't any different.

But, then again, some politicians and presidents still manage to achieve lots of good things for their country while remaining inherently self serving.

When it comes to Obama only time will tell how effective he will be. Despite being reasonably happy with Obama as a person and as a politician, I have grave concerns about whether the stimulus will achieve anything.

But back to the question about Obama and the Islamic world. It's important to remember that the Islamic world aren't Democrats. Just because Obama has Hussein as a middle name and is of a different party to Bush doesn't mean that they will trust him any more than Bush.

I'd like to think that Obama's policy towards the Middle East would be one that generates lasting peace. Of all US Presidents, only Carter has had success here (the Egypt/Israel peace treaty back in the 1970s has brought relative peace and prosperity to Egypt while strengthening Israel's position in the Middle East).

I can hope that Obama does well. Whether he'll do anything substantially good, though, can't be determined for a while.