Monday, February 16, 2009


What exactly does freedom mean anymore?

As I look around it seems to me that, to many, the freedom they seek is freedom from responsibility, personal and otherwise.

I care about people. I care about this country. There are a lot of people hurting that need help. I just feel that the help coming from the government is not what is best for this country as a whole... or for the individuals.

Things are changing.

I've been very burdened for some time in my thoughts. I'm just an uneducated middle aged housewife. My children are nearly raised. I have a vocal chord disorder that prevents me from speaking clearly and cannot work. What can I do?

You've all heard "Obamessiah" in reference to how so many seem to feel about Obama. It is disturbing. Initially, I found it clever and funny because I didn't think anyone really felt that way about him. You know... an exaggeration to make a point.

I've come to realize that I had a certain amount of faith in our country and our way of life. Being an American offered me a sense of security that I believed in and was comforted by. I had a sense of justice, fairness and equality that I felt was intrinsic to our society. I was proud of our country and the spirit of freedom behind its formation. There are parts of our history that are dark and ugly but as we've marched forward we've moved to right those wrongs.

We are a nation of immigrants. People have come from all over the world in search of the American dream where if you work hard you can shape your own destiny. My great grandfather was one. He came from Sweden and settled in Seattle. My grandmother told me that during the depression he walked to work with a pocket full of dimes every day that he handed out to those he passed on the street that he thought could use a cup of coffee and a donut. He came here because he wanted to be an American. He wanted his children to be American.

I am a Christian first. Even though I am saddened by so many people clamouring for our government to take control of more and more in this country without a thought beyond themselves, my hope is ultimately in Christ. For me, this does not mean giving up and walking away or abandoning all hope that this country will not once again stand as originally intended. It means that I will do what I can... be informed, be a good steward of my votes, and most importantly, pray.


Rick said...

"Things are changing" That's an understatement.

One Salient Oversight said...

The US government represents 20% of US GDP. That's actually the smallest in the developed world. Here in Australia it is around 35% of GDP. Sweden is 55%.

You need to question the received wisdom that somehow government is always bad. The reality, and this is proved by history, is that governments can do good and bad, sometimes at the same time.

It is important for us as citizens and as voters to ensure that our governments do good and don't do bad. Increasing or decreasing the size of government won't magically make things worse or better - it is what the money is spent on (or not spent on when government shrinks) which matters.

Increasing the size of government in the US (by, say, introducing universal health care) will not be the end of the world, nor the end of the constitution, nor the end of conservatism and certainly not the end of the United States.

Unlike many Obama supporters, I'm not too keen on the stimulus package he is proposing either - but that is due simply to the sheer amount of debt the federal government is in (which makes such a stimulus package unsustainable in my view) rather than any ideological commitment I have to small government (which I obviously don't have).

If Obama and Congress don't fix the budget problems within his first term, I can't see much good happening in his second term... if he gets that far.

Arwyn Y. said...

"I have a vocal chord disorder that prevents me from speaking clearly and cannot work. What can I do?"

You can do lots of things. I got help; so can you. Go to your state Department of Vocational Rehabilitation--it might go through a different name, but they will have something similar. They helped me get some schooling so I'm doing what I am now, which is working medical transcription from home. I've been doing that for over a year and a half now. See how they can help you--they could either get you training or possibly place you immediately, depending on what you wanted. However, keep in mind that the wait list can be quite a while, especially due to budget constraints. When I got in on it, I was put on the second tier for disability (moderately disabled), and my wait time was six months. It may be longer now, and states differ anyway.

Prior to doing getting help from DVR, I went through a temp service and asked them to help me find jobs where I wasn't required to speak. I also did some work rewriting and critiquing online personal ads for a couple of years. Look online for jobs-- is an invaluable resource for a small amount of money.

If you truly want to work with SD, you can do it.