Friday, February 20, 2009

Binyamin Netanyahu

Binyamin Netanyahu is the new leader of Israel. Netanyahu said repeatedly during the campaign that not forming a national-unity government when he was prime minister from 1996-99 was his worst-ever political mistake. Some are demanding that Netanyahu expand Jewish settlements in the West Bank, a move that could cause some problems between the new Israeli government the Obama administration.

Washington Post article here.

I want to do some more posts about Israel and the history of the ongoing conflict with Palestine.


1. Do you see this development as helping the situation in Gaza and the West Bank or do you think it will escalate the conflict?

2. Do you think that relations between Israel and the U.S. will change?


Two Dogs said...

I think that we all know that Ellison and Kerry hanging out in Gaza did more to destroy the relationship with Israel than anything done since Jimmy Carter. We survived Jimmy ONLY because Reagan came in and undid Carter's failures as quickly as possible. Obama is actually DUMBER than Carter in my opinion, Carter did not have a complicit media to cover up all his failures, so Jimmy actually HAD to have some intelligence. Obama is not constrained by that.

All that said, Obama is already proving that his administration is even MORE incompetent than Carter's, that is terrifying to me and it should be to the Jews as well. I really don't think that Obama can fail as badly as Carter did in the Middle East (Jimmy was not successful in a single endeavor in the Middle East, and that is difficult to do.), but Barry has never ceased to amaze me in his standard setting incompetence so far.

Since Barry has all kinds of black Muslim friends and bunches of anti-Semitic pals in his stable, I do not see any chance of him IMPROVING anything with regards to Israel.

BLBeamer said...

1. Do you see this development as helping the situation in Gaza and the West Bank or do you think it will escalate the conflict?

Which development? The formation of a new Likud-led government by Netanyahu, or the possibility of renewed Jewish settlements in the West Bank?

2. Do you think that relations between Israel and the U.S. will change?

Future relations between Israel and the US will depend on how much influence with Pres. Obama is wielded by those on the left (and in the State Dept.) who continue to view Israel as the sole source of problems in that region.

Coffee Bean said...

ACK!!! Blogger ate my comment and I don't have time to retype it out!

Coffee Bean said...

Two Dogs,

I read about Ellison and Kerry going to Gaza to "just observe."

You know... I really do not know much about Jimmy Carter's administration other than the whole hostage crisis. I did buy his book, "Living Faith," years ago because I was trying to figure out how he reconciled his politics with his belief in God. Come to think of it, after my post yesterday and my saying how I look at the what people are reading... I might oughta go through all my books and write disclaimers in the front of many of them... LOL!


I was talking about West Bank Jewish settlements. I don't know that that would really happen. It seems that that is something their far right is interested in/pushing for.

Obama has released funds for Palestinian humanitarian aid in Gaza... many of those people are innocent and it is my understanding that the Israelis have also provided certain types of aid. Ugh... it is just a really bad situation.

Two Dogs said...

The quick thing about Carter is that there has never been as feckless and disorganized an administration UNTIL NOW.

He raised minimum wage four times during his tenure, which increased unemployment to about 15% and kicked off inflation, home mortgage rates reached over 20% because of his economic policies exploding inflation, he coddled the Middle East terrorists and Islam took off, and when he left office, his approval ratings were right around 30%, with almost 60% disapproving. Construction was at its lowest point since the depression, which he almost brought back with his stupidity.

From Wiki: Carter's administration suffered from inexperience in politics: Carter paid too much attention to detail, was quick to retreat under fire, seemed indecisive, and did not define his priorities clearly. He seemed uninterested in working with other groups, or even with Congress controlled by his own party, which he denounced for being controlled by special interest groups.

Needless to say, since he was so far left and hated this country, he was a one-termer and was slaughtered by Reagan.

Does that sound familiar?

One Salient Oversight said...

Carter was instrumental in bringing peace between Egypt and Israel. The Camp David Accords essentially shut down any further attempt by Arab nations to invade Israel using conventional forces.

The result was that Israel's existence and safety in the Middle East was strengthened.

And this due to the efforts of James Earl Carter.