Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vehicles to be Airlifted to Darfur for Humanitatian Aid

Sudanese Vice President, Salva Kiir, in the Oval Office with President Bush yesterday.

President George W. Bush announced on Monday the airlift of equipment and vehicles for the humanitarian effort in Darfur. President Bush has done more in humanitarian relief to Africa than any other president. Go here to see a video about PEPFAR which is an acronym for the President's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief. Please take the time to watch it. I think you'll be glad you did.

PEPFAR website

What do you see as President Bush's legacy?


Two Dogs said...

Bush 43's legacy is that his mere existence showed beyond any doubt that Liberals are blithering morons. The fact that he has squandered more money that ever before on their pet programs, all the while never producing one single positive outcome, and THEY still hate him? Liberals abhor intelligence or any attempt at rational thought.

Please do understand that I use the term "Liberal" in its current assumed usage. It is definitively a synonym for "idiot."

BLBeamer said...

Come on, CB! That photo looks like somebody photoshopped Pres. Bush's head onto somebody shaking hands with Bo Diddley!

Two Dogs said...

BLBeamer, I thought it was Huggie Bear from Starsky and Hutch.

Coffee Bean said...

Sigh... That is a picture of them.



Two Dogs said...

That is Kimbo Slice.

BLBeamer said...

I think it is too early to speak of Pres. Bush's legacy, just as I think it is still too early to speak of Pres. Clinton's legacy.

I don't know how long is the right amount of time before an objective view can be taken, but I remember in the 1980's when Harry Truman started becoming rehabilitated even though he left office in 1953 with lower approval ratings than Pres. Bush currently has. Now, he is widely recognized as a good president who made some difficult but historic decisions.

It's even possible - although I strongly doubt it - that Jimmy Carter's administration could move into the "poor" category from "just plain awful".

So: hang in there, Bush supporters. Don't give up hope. Keep the dream alive!