Friday, January 16, 2009

Mental Journey

I've been neglecting this blog... It is because I've been on a bit of a difficult mental journey. I needed to figure some things out for myself. I'm now trying to gather all those thoughts so I can share them here... just so y'all know where I am coming from. I'll try to get that together by Monday.

As for politics... I'm in a bit of a holding pattern. I've been keeping my eye on the happenings in Gaza. I've been avoiding speculation on what Obama is going to do. We're going to find out soon enough.

I watched the Bush exit speech last night and it made me very sad. Overall, I believe he has been an excellent president. He's taken some pretty hard blows and I hope that history acknowledges his strength of character.

So... as we head into the new Obama Administration... what are your hopes?


Two Dogs said...

My hopes for the Obama administration are that the Secret Service makes sure that all buckets are removed from the White House. You know, since we have elected quite possibly the DUMBEST president in history who finds it interesting to see if his head will fit in very tight places.

I hope that someone tries to defend his intelligence, because to do so would deny every single fact about this moron.

BLBeamer said...

Hey, Two Dogs, I didn't like it when people belittled Bush for his supposed lack of intelligence and I don't like it when people belittle Obama for the same supposed failing. And yes, I realize you're trying to make the funny.

There are plenty of reasons to criticize Bush or Obama, and I won't and haven't hesitated to do so, but to impugn the intelligence of either of those guys is just lazy and....sad.

I almost typed "stupid".

Why emulate the vulgar leftists who have nothing to add to the national discussion but 9/11 Truther nonsense and Bush is stupid jokes?

Please, for the sake of the discussion here, do us and you a favor and elevate your criticisms, hmm'kay?

Thank you.

Two Dogs said...

BLBeamer, I take criticism well, thanks for pointing that out.

I have no hope at all for an Obama administration because he is philosophically opposed to every premise contained in our Constitution. His reading comprehension skills are not his strong suit.

One Salient Oversight said...

Either that or your own reading of the constitution is flawed...