Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Eve

Tomorrow we will wake to the dawn of a new era here in the United States. Barak Obama promises to be the change America needs and his followers see him as the embodiment of the hope he says they can believe in. The day every president has taken the oath has been momentous for our country and tomorrow will be even more so. I did not vote for Obama but I will give him the respect due his title. It is going to be an interesting four years.

As a Christian, I am very concerned by the direction our country has taken in the form of certain legislation. There is a growing animosity toward Christians that cannot be denied. I recently discovered that I was put on a right wing watch by gayagenda. The following comment was left for me on the site:

Dear Uneducated Housewife:

Your first mistake is believing that America was founded by Christians. It was not. A good portion of our founders had no belief in a God.

Your second mistake; believing that where the conservative people congregate has a disproportionate amount of intelligence. I beg to differ. I find that conservative areas abound in less education and reason than areas dominated by liberals. Yes, that’s right, when we get real education, we develop tolerance.

And further, the founders of this nation sought to separate church and state. Conservatives have fought in recent years to undo this. Not a good idea dear uneducated housewife, as this mistake will certainly come back and bite you in your ass when the Muslim wants their religion and it’s commands in a courthouse. If you do it for one, you must do it for all.

And furthermore, your own use of the term uneducated housewife shows how minimal your mentation really is. It fits you like a glove dearest. Wear it well, and enjoy the next four years of rebuilding this nation from the corruption that right wingers put upon the entire world.

Number one, I was not notified by this group that my blog had been put on their list. Number two, it was not made clear that the quote they pulled from the blog came from the comment section and was not written by me.

I initially began this blog in an effort to educate my kids and allow them to hear the views of others rather than my telling them. They, being teenagers, have not been interested and it has evolved into more about me writing about the things I'm thinking about in regard to our current political situation, asking questions of readers, and basically just trying to figure things out for myself. I've been very honest here as I've worked through different issues. I'm not, nor have I ever been, looking for validation. I've been looking to connect with those of differing views in an effort to better understand why they stand where they do on the issues I present.

The last several weeks I have really been thinking about whether I have the right to impose my beliefs on others through the votes that I cast. It is a trap that I believe many Christians are falling into. I do not hate gay people. I saw a preview for Prayers for Bobby starring Sigourney Weaver the other day. It is a movie about a Christian mother's inability to accept her son was gay, his suicide and her proclaiming his death was a direct result of his parents ignorance. It looks to be a very moving story and, as a mom, it made me think of how I would deal with things if I were in that situation.

I do not watch Oprah but I did catch part of one of last week's shows. She was discussing her weight gain and had several people on the show that had lost weight and then gained it back. This is something I, too, struggle with. There was also a priest on following up on some remarks he made on an earlier show. He had stated that being gay was a gift from God and it had sparked some controversy.

I understand that those who struggle with sexual confusion do not see it as a choice. I did not choose to struggle with food. However, we choose what we do with our individual struggles. I have lost weight many times only to gain it back. We've all heard the statistics and the claim that diets do not work. It is true that some people have a harder time controlling their weight. I know from my own experience that diets do work. It is when I stop exercising and start taking in more calories than my body requires that I gain the weight back. Food is necessary to our survival and unlike alcohol, drugs or sex, it cannot be avoided.

Our society worships sex. All you have to do is turn on your TV, glance at the magazines at the check out line, or notice the adds and billboards all around. Any expectation of restraint in this area is met with disdain. The line of what is socially acceptable is continually being pushed further back.

Last year a bill was passed here in Colorado that has become known as the Bathroom Bill. This new "transgender nondiscrimination" law makes it illegal to deny a person access to public accommodations, including restrooms and locker rooms, based on gender identity or the "perception" of gender identity. Churches, mosques, synagogues and any place used for the primary purpose of religious services are exempt from the discrimination clauses. However, it reads as if it only protects a person’s faith expression inside the church building, during the church function. If you are a Christian business owner you could be prevented from expressing your convictions anywhere, save an immediate religious setting. I've tried to find the reason for the bill being written in the first place, such as a case where a transgender individual was prevented from using a restroom, and couldn't find one.

I believe the reason legislation of this sort is being pushed through is an effort to shift the moral standard of Christians, as well as other religions, from their faith to the government. Our very ability to think for ourselves, worship and live out our convictions is under attack as just our personal views and votes are seen as oppression and a infringement on the rights of others. A Christian photographer in New Mexico was fined $6,000 for refusing to photograph a homosexual commitment ceremony. Christian firefighters in San Diego were forced to participate in a Gay Pride Parade. How is this happening? Could the very words I've written here today become illegal?

Fortunately my hope is not in men. I pray my fears are unrealized. I pray that I am able to live my convictions while imparting the love of Christ to all. And I will be praying for Barak Obama.

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Roland Hulme said...

The gayagenda people seem to be very classless. They should make more time to actually READ your blog and comments and see where you're really coming from. They'd be surprised and impressed.