Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello 2009!!!

It is a brand new year with some pretty interesting changes coming up for our country. Some of y'all have expressed that you are ready to move on from the recent topics on this blog. So am I.

I would like to pick my head up from the issues in this country and take some time to look at the world around us. Specifically, the long standing conflict between Israel and Palestine. I'd like to get to where I have a very clear understanding of the history as well as the current circumstances. Being a Christian, I am also interested in how it relates to prophecy.


What do you think about the role the United States has played in this conflict in the past and what do you think our involvement will be under the Obama administration?


Two Dogs said...

Dang, you are starting the new year out by hating on Jews? Well, okay, lemme pile on, too.

My philosophy does not allow me to force anyone to do anything with violence. However, my philosophy demands that I respond to violence with an overwhelming response of exponentially greater violence that is perpetrated upon me or my loved ones. Mine is the philosophy of "everything that you own and cherish" for one of my eyes.

If I was a Jew living in Israel and the Arab Muslims living in my country attacked my women and children, like the so-called "Palestinians," I would conduct the most total annihilation of their armies, families, and children to insure that they never had the capability to commit another violent act. Problem solved and all the evil people that associate with the violent religion of Islam that were contemplating similar acts would be forced to rethink their intentions.

Kudos to Israel for practicing such restraint, for so long, in the face of hostility from the Religion of Pieces and the begging from our US government. Hopefully, Israel will be successful ridding our planet of the Muslims, because if they fail, the Muslims shall start the attacks on the West in earnest.

It is dreadfully sad that the very first response to the religious violence of Islam, the Crusades, was not successful in removing Islam from the planet. We have suffered mightily throughout the ages from the continuing failures of the English. It sure would be nice if the English succeeded at something at some point. Well, other than playing short-pants football.

Since the Jews have much more intelligence and determination to never surrender than the English, maybe they can keep our increasingly spineless society in the US from ever having to stand up to Islam. And that would be another thing that religious freedom owes the Jews.

BLBeamer said...

I am hopeful that the Obama administration will drop the conceit that the US can bring about any fundamental or long-lasting positive change to the situation between Israel and the Palestinians.

I would also like to suggest that the US have an open door immigration policy toward Palestinian Christians - whose numbers are being reduced daily - strictly on humanitarian grounds.

I say this not knowing precisely what our current policy is regarding those poor people.

Roland Hulme said...

Ooooh. Good one, CB!

I have to admit, I'm biased. I have quite a few Israeli friends and no Palestinian ones. And while I think there's a LOT of bad stuff Israel is doing (basically creating an apartheid state) you have to understand their position.

Rightly or wrongly, Israel is THERE. Bitching about whether or not it should exist, as the Arabs do, is a waste of time.

Unless America supported Israel, Arabs would invade and wipe it off the map. They've said as much and only one of the most well-equipped and fiercest armies in the world (Israeli) has stopped them doing so.

Israelis are always getting criticized, rightly or wrongly, for 'disproportionate' responses to Hamas and Hezbollah attacks - but the fact is, those bloody terrorists keep starting the fights. they fire rockets into Israel, or blowing people up in pizza parlors.

Because Hamas and Hezbollah have no consideration for human life, they have no qualms about using Palestinians as human shields as they launch their attacks. Then, when Israel responds and kills innocent bystanders, they wail about what murderers the Israelis are. The fact is, most innocent people killed in the conflict where placed in that position by Hamas or Hezbollah.

That's not to say that Israel doesn't have a lot of charges to answer. They sometimes look like they're becoming a fascist state. If I was president, I'd say: "If you want to keep getting all these weapons, for God's sake, knock off the horrible, inhumane stuff you pull."

But I'd be aware that stopping supporting Israel would basically see the end of that country.

It is a conflict that will never end, because the Arabs will never rest until Israel no longer exists - and we'll never rest making sure that never happens.

And the poor Palestinians are stuck in the middle of a battle between religious extremists and a military state.

Yay, don't you just love religion?

Susanne said...

Ohhhh, I followed a link from someone's blog and ended up over here! Yay, politics! I am going to subscribe so I can see what topics you discuss. Definitely some good stuff! I was glad to see you discussing the issue of Israel and Palestine. Or wanting to know more answers anyway. I have been learning more about this the last 18 months from both Arab Muslims and Arab Christians. (Note: I never knew any Arabs or Muslims prior to this, but God brought some into my life.) And I must note I grew up with a VERY favorable view of the current Israel and supported it without question. That whole "bless those who bless you" thing from Genesis, et al.


What do you think about the role the United States has played in this conflict in the past and what do you think our involvement will be under the Obama administration?

Especially in recent years, the US has mostly overlooked any misdeeds that the Israelis have committed because our government and media are controlled by the pro-Israel lobby. I daresay most Americans don't bother to know why the Palestinians (and also other Arabs and Muslims) are upset with Israel. Perhaps they chalk it up to some Isaac/Ishmael conflict from the Bible days and think there are not valid reasons for why the Arabs are so angry. Believe me, the Arabs have good reason!

I'm not a fan of Obama. Not sure if he will do anything better. I think most of the time people are mere pawns for politicians. Who cares if innocent women and children are killed. They are collateral damage in times of war. Only thing is, what if those were YOUR moms and sisters and daughters and grandmothers? Hard to dismiss them as "collateral damage" when they are YOUR kin.

Any wonder why Arabs are angry?

It's sad.

And the US is guilty because we support and finance much of this killing. Sadly, conservative Christians are among the most guilty. Not sure when "love your enemies" said by JESUS ever got abrogated by American's hardliner stance. Are you a Christian first or American? Following Christ or our doomed country?