Monday, December 22, 2008

What are "Rights"?

We hear a lot about "rights." Just what are "rights"? There are Women's Rights, Children's Rights, Minority Rights, Gay Rights, etc. We have, "The Bill of Rights," here in the United States...

Where are the lines drawn? Who draws the lines?

I cannot be heard in places where there is background music playing. Do I have a right to make those businesses turn it off? I can't help that I can't be heard so does that mean that everyone else should be mandated to modify their behavior in order for me to be more comfortable?


Two Dogs said...

First, what Rights are NOT. There is no such animal as "Group Rights." This is impossible, because it denies the individual biases across the supposed group. Simply put, there are conservatives and liberals in every subset. To deny the differences in brain power in the same race denies the individuality of those people.

Yes, conservatives are much more intelligent than liberals. All you have to do is compare the conservative run places with the liberal ones and you shall see the differences. Should we, the smart people, deny the dumb people any rights because they are stupid? No, they have the right to expose their idiocy in any fashion they choose, whether talking about imaginary issues such as Natural Selection or global warming. Just because they are stupid, we cannot deny them their right to crazy talk, it's actually in the First Amendment, you know.

Certain inalienable rights were endowed by our Creator, meaning we were given all at birth that we would ever need. Those are our individual rights and they are guaranteed by a bunch of Christians that got together to found this country and write the rules of law that govern us. Morons cannot redefine the term right anymore than they can prove that man evolved from a cucumber.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives are much more intelligent than liberals? Are you for real? Let's take a look at education levels on both sides. Have you attended a college or university? From your ramblings, I would doubt it very seriously.

I know you can't be serious...

Two Dogs said...

I am very serious, we are much better educated, 16th Century Poetry, Education, or Sociology do not count as an education, we are happier in our lives, and we make more money. It's a three-fer, even.

On the other hand, liberals are not smart, they whine all the time, complain about everything, do not want to work, and expect us to pay for all of their failed ideas. Furthermore, we actually contribute six times more to charity so who exactly is standing on the caring side?

Just the facts. Now, go be mad at the world and spread your hate.

Roland Hulme said...

Oh, Two Dogs. You're hilarious.

"...conservatives are much more intelligent than liberals..."

Not if you compare college degrees and high school graduations between people who identify as 'liberals' versus 'conservatives.' I've long said there are smarts that you can't learn in school, but from a academic standpoint, there's no contest.

I'm now convinced you just write this crap to get our goat - and it works every time!

Roland Hulme said...

Just to point out - some of the 'smartest' people I know didn't go to college. But the whole problem with the conservative 'movement' is that it somehow rebels against education, preferring to cling onto ridiculous sources of 'knowledge' like the Bible.

You can learn a lot from the Bible - but not maths, history, chemistry, biology and CERTAINLY not geography.

Roland Hulme said...

To answer CB's question:

My understanding is that EVERYBODY has the right to do ANYTHING as long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of anybody else.

All laws and rules should basically stem from a desire to MAINTAIN freedoms, not restrict them.

This is why banning gay marriage is essentially wrong - if two gay people want to get married, how does that effect, say, Two Dogs? It doesn't - therefore, he shouldn't have a say in whether it's 'allowed' or not.

Two Dogs said...

Roland, lemme give you an impossible task. Name a smart liberal.

Roland Hulme said...

Easy - and even you can't argue with it:

Warren Buffett. Probably the smartest economic mind on the planet.

Two Dogs said...

Warren Buffet is liberal? And smart? Roland, there would be so many better attempts, (LP and Sergey, maybe?) but since you chose Warren Buffet, I could tell you that you are wrong on both counts or pseudo-right on only one. The fact that he remained married to his wife until her death even though they didn't live together for about twenty years or so, proves that he isn't liberal. Liberals do not allow themselves the exclusivity of the commitment to a single person, their commitment is to the masses or the lowest common denominator, which is what public opinion is.

As far as his economic mind, much can be said for someone that goes into business and makes bucket loads of money selling shorts. But, is the increasing of your wealth and that of clients when businesses fail a moral job? Berkshire's method of wealth accumulation depends highly upon businesses NOT making money and losing value. I guess since that would make Buffet/Berkshire a bottom feeder type, you might be right, maybe he is liberal.

That said, the philosophy behind stating that someone is a great economic mind is one based on the adulation of POWER. What, if anything, has Buffet ever produced in his life? And why would Buffet come to mind? Simply because he is yet another tenor in the Barry choir. Why did Buffet back Barry? Because he makes more money when businesses FAIL, which is the only outcome every single time Barry's philosophy is tried. Sorry, but there is that danged history thing again.

When personal freedom is sacrificed for the masses, the producers stop producing and riders go hungry. We will feed y'all for the rest of our lives, but not at the expense of our own lives, which is the only demand of liberal philosophy. The individual must offer up his life to the mob. I refuse. Smart people always refuse. Rand stated that there is no such thing as a collective brain, think about that, because to follow those that you follow means that you surrendered your thoughts to the group.

The difference between your ever changing ideas and my steadfast philosophy is that I know if only one man eats, the group's stomach is still hungry. But, if the group lets the 5% do what we do, then they are all fed and we are left alone to make your lives better while y'all are pulled along by the engine of our production. All the while, y'all contribute NOTHING.

I do not mind pulling y'all along in the wagon, but I certainly mind when you get out the flog and tell me where to go and how fast to get there. Children, simply shut the Hell up and let the adults drive, y'all just ride, that is what y'all do.

One more thing, I abhor to argue, so I do not participate in arguments. I simply pass on information to those that do not have it or refuse to see it for what it is. Whether they chose to use it or not is their own prerogative. You cannot force a dog to look at something, they look at your hand instead, and that is what arguing with a liberal is. True, I will always offer the information because it proves that the liberal is always feeling guilty about his loss of self, but until he makes the transition to one of production, he is still only that bottom feeder.

Roland, when you look at your child and realize for the first time in your life that your philosophy is offering that child into slavery for someone that you abhor, things shall change.

Roland Hulme said...

"Roland, when you look at your child and realize for the first time in your life that your philosophy is offering that child into slavery for someone that you abhor, things shall change."

Oh, God, you're right. I should stop taking him to Church every Sunday. My philosophy of giving him the right to make his own choices about religion just offers him up to slavery to an organized cultish religion.

Two Dogs said...

That is probably the most intelligent thing that you have ever typed, but you probably do not know why.

Coffee Bean said...

My goodness... you boys are grumpy. You need to eat some more Christmas cookies!

Two Dogs said...

I am not grumpy in the least, I have not had to talk to anyone for three days. I am in Heaven.

BLBeamer said...

CB - When will we start having productive discussions on this blog again?



P.S. Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all. And to Two Dogs: have a blessed Kwanzaa!

Two Dogs said...

Thanks BLBeamer, I am using today to develop my Kujichagulia, or self-determination. I just put the Seven Principles on my whiteboard and check them off one by one. I guess an Excel spreadsheet would actually be more efficient, but I like the tactile-ness of that whiteboard. Plus occassionally, I point at it with my laser pointer and laugh the laugh of an insane person. BECAUSE I CAN, IT'S KWANZAA!

david mcmahon said...

The greatest right of all is the right of self-expression - and that is what blogs are about.

(I came here from Carol's blog.)