Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh Lord Have Mercy!!!

Our friend Roland of Militant Ginger has blessed me with this blog award!!!

Roland awarded four other individuals and as I read through his descriptions of their blogs I nearly burst into flames and was afraid my family was going to come home to my ashes in a pile before my laptop. If you go to his blog to read about the other blogs he graced with this award... know that some of them contain adult only content.

Here is what he had to say about me:

The Uneducated Housewife's Guide to Politics: Coffee Bean is a clean living, conservative Christian, so might not be entirely comfortable with the idea of me celebrating her charismatic cranium with a Big Sexy Brain Award.

However, her Uneducated Housewife's Guide was one of the most active and stimulating blogs leading up to the election, in which she pitted libertarian, Democrat, Republican and Conservative against each other to chew up the issues that affected us the most.

What makes Coffee Bean smexy is that she breaks the conservative stereotype and thinks for herself. Both her Uneducated Housewife blog, and her day-to-day blog, are filled with intelligent, thoughtful ponderings in which she does something the hardcore liberals and conservatives are unwilling to do - admit that she doesn't know all the answers. Coffee Bean is an example to all of us and that humbling fact makes her very smexy indeed.

I thank you, Roland, from the bottom of my heart. You are most kind!

Now... I do want to pass this award on to a certain someone. He and Roland have gone head to head in the comment section here many times. It has been, at times, enlightening, horrifying and, above all, quite humorous. Yes, I am talking about Two Dogs. This blog would not be nearly as much fun for me if either of you weren't commenting! I very much appreciate both of your contributions!

And... I am sitting here laughing... I must say, I am enjoying myself immensely!

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Two Dogs said...

Wait, why did he use the adjective, "BIG?"