Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations to Barak Obama

This has been a truly historic election on many levels...

Graham left a link to this article in the comment section of this post. I loved the article! I hope y'all take the time to read it. I'm not sure that Graham and I took the article the same way... but it is an article of hope for me. A hope that regardless of who is leading our country that those of us within it will take the time to look at those around us and do what we can to help those in need. There are differences in how the opposing parties approach the needs of those in this country that are in trouble... but, I am hoping that all of us will remember to keep a human face on those issues.

I am also hoping and praying that those of us that supported McCain will move forward in ways that foster respect for us and for our beliefs. The will of the American people has been spoken.


Elysa said...

Amen, Kelly!

Two Dogs said...

This needs to be said. Since I had no horse in this race, I continue to do as all producers do. We do our work, provide for our families, help our philosophical brethren, and fight against the tyranny that was chosen. The sword has been pointed at us, but our choices were made long ago and that sword has always been pointed at us. We defend the helpless and shall continue to do so, even after they choose their masters wrongly.

My peers shall always be of a fewer number than those of the sheeple, but that doesn't make our choices any less right, that just makes our job harder, which shall always be the case. Those of us that have a constitution and know the difference between right and wrong shall always be in the minority because our row is tougher to hoe. However we choose that row with full knowledge that is the correct one.

Never shall we cease to hoe. But, those that shall wield the power soon have always known that. They also know that our spirit is of the kind that can never be crushed and the terror that they feel toward us is always apparent.

Graham said...

My point in highlighting the article was as you suggested.

The election is over.

When you cut through all the rhetoric, we can appreciate that the article mentioned shows what a good people we can be, how we can support each other in times of crisis (like after 9/11), and how there is more that unites us than divides us.


Graham said...

two dogs

Still angry, huh?

I can see the real difference now, between you and me.

Someone in my church once told me he was confronted by another Christian who refused to be open to openly discussing different interpretations ideals and theologies.

My friend says it is the difference between a seeker of Truth and a speaker of Truth.

To me, life, religion and Truth are a journey and not an end. You seem to be stuck on a treadmill.

Two Dogs said...

Graham, never have I been angry. Why would you ever assume that I am? Because I refuse to fold up like a cheap lawn chair to a thug?

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

That was what I gleaned from your link. A woman was enticed into something that she couldn't afford by Barry's philosophical peers. Loved it and lost it. Whose philosophy do you think that the giver shares?

Daly said...

I had a Quaker Parrot named Paco. He dances, poops on command and laughs when he finds things funny (though some would say he imitates laughter). I am just glad he will not be around for the next four years.