Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Presidential Debate


Same ol' Same ol' if you ask me.

Can we just vote now?

Any thoughts? Any concerns? Anyone paying attention anymore?


Two Dogs said...

Here's my thought. Barry Obama always appears to be seething with rage every time I see him speak. Why so violently angry, son? Why is he so absolutely hated filled? I mean he grew up all over the world living with his free love mother worshipping Gaia and every other fleeting stupidity that she could come up with and still he acts just like those masked morons that tore up Denver and Minneapolis-St Paul. Make that make sense to me. I thought that they were the peace and love front.

And the McCainiac cannot try to love people to his side, he has to make the decisions that make him look like an adult against Mr. Raging-Mad Silver-Spoon Fascist Moron.

I am not moved by McCainiac, maybe if he just said, "My plan is to be elected and immediately resign and let Sarah Palin be president." then I would vote the presidential race. McCainiac cannot even get me to the Bob Dole level of enthusiasm.

I am certainly counting on the morons forgetting when to vote though.

Roland Hulme said...

"I am certainly counting on the morons forgetting when to vote though."

Not everybody who supports McCain is a moron, Two Dogs!

Two Dogs said...

I certainly agree with that, Roland, I would put that stat at about 60%, but 100% of people that plan on voting for Obama are morons.

I am working on a post right now, proving that everyone that is Pro-Barry is a simpering toolbox.

Elysa said...

I was definitely thinking that I was SO unimpressed with our nation's two choices. Y-A-AAAWN.....