Friday, October 31, 2008

Listen Up!!!

My friend, Elysa (who has contributed on this blog as has her homeschooled daughter), sent me the following e-mail from her brother-in-law:

I have a good friend that witnessed the Castro regime first hand. He's Cuban born and now an American citizen. Out of curiosity, I asked him if an article I read was an accurate depiction of Cuban-Americans. Below is a link to the article. And below that, is his response. I thought his insight is worth sharing.

Hattiesburg, MS

Cuban-Americans 'allergic' to Obama-talk - A Cuban-born author and anti-Castro activist says Barack Obama won't make any inroads with voters in the Cuban-American community by pushing a wealth redistribution message. That community, he says, is all too familiar with the consequences of such a policy.


Yes it is TRUE. We are allergic to Obama. We are more than allergic, we are mortified over his ideas and the possibilities. We lived them once and don't want to see it ever again. Here is a brief reason why.

Most of my family were Spanish and French immigrants that came to Cuba over 150 yrs ago. They had nothing and worked hard to build businesses and purchase properties. Raised their children (my grandparents and parents) to be productive members of society and to assist the poor to have a better lives. My grandfather adopted a little black boy at the age of 7 from our town. Sent him to private schools, fed him, clothed him and made him a successful man with a business. We hired poor people from the country, brought them to the cities to live under our roof as workers to give them a better life, so they in turn could help their families. My parents rented properties to poor people in the best parts of town according to how much they could pay. We voluntarily "shared our wealth" and with great results. Everyone was happy. However, a few disgruntle members of our society felt we need CHANGE.

Along comes the Castro brothers promising CHANGE and with the idea of "sharing the wealth (by force)". They promised freedoms yet took them away. They promised to correct Congress by dissolving it and took over the entire government in less than a year. They took our properties, they took our money to share it with the less fortunate. In 1950's, Cuba's economy was to par with the US and the envy of every Latin American country. The Cuban peso was equal to the dollar. Today, the economy is completely non-existent and the peso is worth about 0.9 cent (yes, less than a penny.) The brain surgeon makes 280 pesos (about $22) a month, so does the teacher, the butcher and the street sweeper. He cannot own real estate or cars. They are all government "own" (better yet, stolen.) Food and clothing is rationed and it is minimal to sustain life. Travel between cities and towns is restricted. You cannot move to another place unless the government gives you "permission". Only high government officials, live the high life. The general public are slaves to the government with no way out.

As you can see, this is a very sore subject for Cubans, both old and young. Even my children, all American born, understand the suffering of the Cubans. Yes, we are allergic because we have been there before and don't what it to happen again.

Some Americans want CHANGE and think they will be better off? "Sharing the wealth" will not do it. Some of the candidate's ideas will backfire. We will be sent back to the 1800's economically and the ones asking for "change" will be enslaved again along with everyone else.

God save this country if this CHANGE takes place. Just make sure your Congressmen don't let those changes go thru.

Name withheld for confidential reasons

Feel Free to pass this along as you see fit!!!


Just Me said...

So much has happened here in the last few days. Gosh, I hate when I fall behind!

I've read three or four days' worth of posts and it's a lot to digest.

The one that got me though was the "Kool Aid" commenter responding to Mr. M's letter.

I love how the liberals want to throttle free speech with the "fairness" doctrine. What keeps them from running their own radio stations to share their ideas? I guess it isn't fair enough until they've flooded every last available frequency with what THEY want to hear. Never mind the rest of us. Where's the ACLU now? They're conspicuously silent on this issue from what I can find. Maybe it's because the Ten Commandments aren't directly involved.

Like them or not, the Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannitys and Bill O'Reillys of this world have the listenership (is that a word?) to support their programs. I wonder, if Joy Behar ran a radio show, whether she'd be as successful.

Anonymous said...

Do you people really believe this stuff? That's wild!