Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Letter from my Husband

My husband and sponsor, who I lovingly refer to as Mr. Macchiato on my blogs, has written a letter he wants me to share.

Dear Family & Friends,

The outcome of this election will affect our future and those of our children for generations to come. We have a choice between traditional American Values including free speech, the right to keep and bear arms, limited government, the right to choose our own doctor, the right to vote in private when choosing a union, traditional marriage and the sanctity of life or the “fairness doctrine”, gun control, massive government, socialized medicine, coercion, gay marriage and abortion on demand. We have a choice between a true American Hero who has lived his adult life under the scrutiny of the media, and a man whom we know little or nothing about.

On the Economy – Take it from a small company accountant, Obama’s planned tax increase WILL hurt small business and kill job creation. No tax increase has ever led to prosperity. Small business is already over burdened with taxes and regulation. Have you ever heard of employment taxes (Social Security, Medicare, Federal Unemployment, State Unemployment), workers compensation insurance, health insurance regulations, 401(k) regulations, census bureau reporting, garnishments, tax levies, tax liens, sales tax, use tax, permits, reporting, reporting and more reporting?? These are all unfunded burdens that small business must bear. In fact, many small companies do not offer benefits due to the regulatory hassles that go with them.

Tort Reform – John McCain supports tort reform. Runaway lawsuits are destroying business and destroying our healthcare system. Frivolous lawsuits are yet another way small businesses are being torn down. Experienced doctors retire early because their malpractice insurance costs too much. Fewer and fewer qualified students are entering medical schools. Why not fight?? The cost of defending these lawsuits is often more than the cost of settling and unless you have been through one, you cannot understand the disruption it brings. We need loser pays. Why should a few profit while the rest of us pay?? Why has nothing been done?? You guessed it… The number one donor to the DNC is the American Trial Lawyers Association.

Healthcare – John McCain supports healthcare reform. Fact, socialized medicine is a disaster in every country where it has been tried. If you’re healthy, it’s great. If you’re not, you’re screwed. It is six months to get an MRI in Canada. Wealthy Canadians come to the USA for healthcare. You don’t have the freedom to choose your own doctor in Britain. What if you have a brain tumor?? What if you are not deemed worthy of being healed?? Where are you then?? What country will you go to when the USA no longer has a pay for service healthcare system?? There are two things that could be done that would dramatically reduce the cost of healthcare. First, implement loser pays. Legitimate lawsuits would continue while frivolous lawsuits would stop. Defensive medicine is very expensive. Trust me. I have been a victim of unnecessary tests. Second, control the borders. We cannot afford to provide free healthcare for illegals (and we do). Why is it that Liberals fight every attempt to reform the healthcare system, while pushing socialized medicine?? Could it be their buddies at the Trial Lawyers Association?? Could it be they are compassionate, or do they just want another way to control us?? What will we do when there are no more doctors?? Do we really expect young people to invest 10 to 12 years of their lives plus tens of thousands of dollars becoming doctors so they can work for half of what they do now?? Why not become an attorney and sue doctors for ten times the pay??

Immigration – John McCain supports border security first. We must stop pandering to illegals to garner votes. Control the border now. Make it easier for law-abiding, hard-working people to emigrate. Keep the criminals out. Do not reward anyone for breaking the law.

Energy Independence – John McCain supports offshore drilling plus a host of other “green” alternatives. We cannot achieve energy independence in the short run without drilling. Windmills cannot replace coal-fired power plants. Solar panels cannot replace nuclear power plants. To believe otherwise is simply na├»ve. A jet airplane will not fly on batteries and a locomotive will not run on biodiesel (yet).

Judges – John McCain will appoint judges that interpret the law not make law from the bench. We have a congress for making laws. We cannot have judges making new laws every time some legislator does not get his or her way.

Sanctity of Life – John McCain believes in the sanctity of life. Life begins at conception. This is an undisputable fact. We should not terminate the life of a defenseless human being simply because we made a mistake any more than we should terminate the life of someone who cannot provide for themselves. Choose before you hop in the sack. If you can’t help yourself, live with the consequences for nine months, and then give the baby up for adoption. As for back alley abortions, I cannot sympathize with someone who dies while breaking the law. What about the emotional distress abortionists inflict on “law-abiding” women every day?? What about increased breast cancer rates?? Is anyone ever glad that they had an abortion?? Yes it might be your body, but the fetus’ body is not.

The War – Whether you agree or disagree with the reasons for the war. We must win. John McCain supported the surge. Barack Obama did not. Barack Obama was wrong. If we leave Iraq now, there will be genocide. If we leave Iraq, America’s credibility will forever be diminished. Who will enter the next war with us when we cannot finish the job?? All the next enemy will have to do is outlast our political will just like Vietnam. Are Vietnamese better off because we left?? Is anyone better off living in a totalitarian state?? John McCain understands war probably better than any leader since Dwight Eisenhower. Barack Obama has never served, and in fact has been critical of the troops he wishes to command. Who will follow him??

Education – Why are liberals pro-choice on matters of life and death, but they are against parents sending kids to the school of their choice?? Could it be the teacher’s union?? Hmm, I wonder how much they give to the DNC. John McCain supports school choice.
Why do liberals insist on throwing good money after bad?? Public schools receive the most funding, yet they are at the bottom of the barrel. Private schools spend on average half of what public schools do, yet they perform better. Home school families spend less than private schools, yet they out perform both. Are liberals really concerned about education or are they concerned about thought control??

Gun Rights – Criminals will always have guns. Why prevent law abiding citizens from owning guns?? John McCain supports gun rights. Why do we have second amendment rights?? Our founders knew that ultimately an oppressive government could not survive while the citizenry had the right to keep and bear arms. The second amendment guarantees every other right promised by the constitution.

Limited Government – Any government big enough to give us everything we want is big enough to take away everything we have. John McCain has fought for limited government his entire career. The Federal government has far exceeded its constitutional authority. It is literally bankrupting the country. We cannot afford any new spending or any new wars for that matter. Barack Obama has proposed one trillion dollars in new spending. Who will pay for it?? Social security is bankrupt, yet Barak Obama proposes to give tax credits to those paying social security taxes. The social security trust fund is comprised entirely of US Government securities. If the government can’t pay its debt, then what happens??

National Security – John McCain understands what it takes to keep America safe. Our troops respect him. Barack Obama is the least experienced candidate for President that I can think of. He has been inconsistent on his foreign policy. He has said that he would sit down with leaders of rogue regimes without precondition. Do we really think we can reason with terrorists or rogue leaders?? Hmm, did that work for Neville Chamberlain?? Would Barack Obama really defend Israel if attacked??

The Financial Crisis – Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Maxine Waters are all at the center of this debacle. Barack Obama benefitted from massive campaign donations from the CEO of Lehman Brothers and from Franklin Raines the head of Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae also gave massive amounts of money to ACORN. John McCain, George Bush and even Bill Clinton tried to reign in Fannie Mae. They were blocked while others profited.

The Other Guy – What do we really know about him?? What is his relationship with Bill Ayers?? Why would he have a relationship with someone who bombed our Pentagon?? Why would he attend a church for twenty years that preaches hatred against whites, Jews and others?? I would not attend a church that preached hate against blacks for twenty minutes let alone twenty years. What is his association with Tony Rezko?? What is his relationship with Rashid Khalidi?? What is his relationship with ACORN?? Why did his campaign give ACORN $850,000?? Is ACORN preparing massive voter fraud??

I am sorry if I have offended anyone, but the stakes are high. I will not sell our country down the river for the promise of free healthcare and tax credits for those not paying income taxes. I will not sell our country down the river for the promise of a quick end to a war that is not over. John McCain represents a return to fundamental American principals of governance. He is not George Bush. Barack Obama will take us down the path toward socialism. He has said as much (redistribution of wealth, universal healthcare). Are you willing to trust Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi with your future?? What will they do with unchecked power?? Will they stack the deck against future opposition?? Are you willing to take that risk??


Mr. Macchiato


AmusedMomma said...

Way to go Mr. Machiatto!

Well said.

Roland Hulme said...

That's a very interesting letter that raises very interesting points:

On the Economy: I certainly agree that tax increases will hurt small businesses - but I still think it's wrong that the burden of taxation falls on the middle classes.

You have to decide who deserves a tax break more: small business owners or working Americans. As a working American, I certainly think the middle class should get any tax breaks.

But the FACT is that the American government is in a real financial mess. Social security and medicare are bankrupt. We have half a trillion dollars in deficit and ten trillion dollars in debt. At some point, somebody has to bite the bullet and say: "How are we going to get out of this financial pit?" McCain's tax strategy gets us deeper into that hole.

Healthcare: Obama never said he'd socialize healthcare. He said he'd make universal healthcare available by producing state-run programs for the poor and ineligable - which means 'socialising' the small, non-profitable areas of healthcare that businesses won't touch because they can't make money off of them. I think that's fair enough. Having healthcare available is a basic human right. Not FREE healthcare, but AVAILABLE healthcare. Affordable and in reach of everybody. If you're against the concept of making affordable healthcare within the reach of all Americans than I think that's pretty darn unChristian.

Immigration: Since Coffee Bean put up the 2001 interview with Obama to show his attitudes towards 'redistribution of wealth' I think it's worth examining McCain's history on Immigration - which is in COMPLETE contrast to everything you wrote. During the primaries, he was the candidate who was weak on immigration. Why do Republicans swallow the suggestion that he's changed now?

Energy Independence: Both Obama and McCain are on pretty equal footing here, especially historically. Drill here, drill now is absolute rubbish. By the time the oil starts flowing (which will barely be a trickle) we will have electric cars and (hopefully) nuclear power stations. Oil is DEAD as an energy resource and McCain USED to argue that. Now he just panders to the right wing, who think that we can solve our dependence on foriegn oil by tapping resources that can't even cover 10% of our annual useage.

Judges: Don't even BEGIN to argue that conservative judges aren't just as keen on legislating from the bench as liberal ones. Look at Scalia, with the Gitmo Bay case. Absolute farce. The Supreme Court is a political machine on both sides.

One single object will merit the endless gratitude of the society: that of restraining the judges from usurping legislation.

Thomas Jefferson, letter to Edward Livingston, March 25, 1825

The War: Oy. I was all for it in the beginning. Now look at it. $600 billion in costs, thousands of brave American troops slaughters, gas at three times the price it used to be. The war in Iraq has not benefited America one iota. The war should teach us one thing and one thing only - that military action is a last resort and should never be entered into lightly.

Education: I have to admit, home schooling has grown on me as a concept. I'm concerned about home schooling and private schooling because religious rubbish and VERY funny ideas get taught to some kids. I mean, the fact that the amount of muslims being home schooled is doubling every year concerns me (after all, Britain's suicide bombers were born and bred in the UK and learnt to become suicide bombers through religious education.)

Other things you mentioned... Well, I agree that every American should have their 2nd Amendment rights protected. I also argue that they should have their inalienable rights protected - the right to marry whoever they want (including somebody of the same gender.) Why do Republicans defend one 'freedom' and attack another, even though that other freedom doesn't affect them at all?

The fact is, a lot of Republicans have been spoon fed a pile of rubbish about Obama and his policies and have swallowed it hook line and sinker. They've also neatly forgotten what a wonderful, LIBERAL man McCain is - remember the primaries? How he was the 'closet Democrat?' How he supported immigration amnesty and believed in Global Warming and all the liberal jazz that got conservatives so worked up?

The fact is, McCain is NOT a conservative candidate - which is why I won't be that upset if he wins.

Roland Hulme said...

In the war bit, that was meant to read: "American troops slaughtered.

As in, it's cost the lives of thousands of brave American heros and their sacrifice has won us little in return (except our gratitude.)

Natalie said...

I'm tired of my tax dollars going to babysitting/bailing out people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. Whether it's bailing out the banks over the mortgage mess or the families that can't pay for a DECENT meal for their kid but can pay for the cable bill for their 54" flat panel TV.
If you need help getting back on your feet then go to your family or church but don't go digging into my wallet AND expect me to take care of you FOREVER!

Roland Hulme said...

Move to England, Natalie. The joke is that the only people with flat screens and satellite TV are the ones in the housing estates and council housing. The rest of us, working for a living, couldn't afford it!

Two Dogs said...

Natalie, the cable bill is paid through a government redistribution program called PBE, which pays the utilities of anyone that is eligible for Section 8 housing. And yes, they have started to include broadband internet as well.

Roland, I have only one reply to your lengthy comment to show you that your compassion is misplaced. When you said "religious rubbish" regarding home schooling, you forgot the overwhelming rubbish that IS the complete concept of federally mandated public schools. AGW, sex ed, diversity classes, Obama's life story in a literature book for eighth graders. Dude, public school is HORRIBLE and it is proven that the longer a kid is subjected to it, the dumber they get.

Two Dogs said...

Oh, just a little update on the "250k is rich people" meme that is coming from the Obama Campaign. That figure was thrown away over two months ago, the new figure was 200k until I ran the numbers on Barry's Magic Tax Cut Calculator on his website two weeks ago and found that the NEW magic number was 185k and above. Yesterday, Joe Biden announced that the still more newerer number was 150k. When do you think that the final new magic number will be at 42k? Will that be before the end of the year or will it happen three weeks after Barry is sworn in like it did during the first Clinton Administration?

Anyone that believes ANYTHING from the Barry Campaign has no grasp of history or of truth telling.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this was supposed to be a blog exploring voter choice or not...seems like the blog has made it's decision. Ok...I guess I'm a little disappointed...

Coffee Bean said...

Hey Roland,

You said that it is wrong for the tax burden to fall on the middle class and that we need to decide who deserves a tax break more. You are not understanding this... small businesses are not getting a tax break! Obama is talking about increasing taxes in such a way that small business will very much be affected adversely. Small businesses that provide jobs! Not only that... he's talking about penalizing businesses who do not provide a certain level of healthcare to all of their employees. Not to beat a dead horse here... but America needs to really sit up and take note of what Obama had to say to ole Joe Plumber.

As for needing state run healthcare programs for the poor and ineligible... we already have them! Part of the reason healthcare costs are so high is because all of us that pay are also paying for those that don't. There are those that fall through the cracks though... like men. Women and children are typically taken care of through already existing programs. And hospitals are not allowed to turn people away because of an inability to pay. The truth is those often going without health insurance are those that are self-employed or part of small businesses that cannot afford the insurance rates. When a business hires an employee they are paying much more than their salary.

Republicans are not just swallowing everything McCain has to say now. We are working with what we've got. There may be other candidates but the reality is this is a two person race. McCain or Obama. We have to choose. Libertarians need to think long and hard about what their vote will mean. They may be pulling the lever for their candidate but it will actually end up in favor of Obama or McCain by taking away a vote for either. Remember Ross Perot? Clinton would never have been elected had those that voted for him... and they were mostly Republicans and of which I was one... voted for Bush Sr.

Oil... How many cars do you suppose are on the road right now? How long do you suppose the lifespan of those cars will be? How many people across America can afford a Prius? Every avenue needs to be explored to the fullest extent where energy is concerned. This is not an either/or. It is a fact that we have a need for oil that is not going to instantly go away when someone comes up with alternatives. I just do not understand the logic of preventing drilling... what are they wanting to save that oil for? We know we need to come up with other alternatives and people all over are working on it. The fact is it will take time to switch over to whatever new things are invented.

I wasn't aware that the United States was supposed to reap a benefit from the war other than preventing further terrorism. I understand that there were no weapons of mass destruction. I understand that Iraq has vast quantities of oil. I know that there is a raging debate on whether we should have gone in and what the real motives behind the war were. But... we are there and we need to finish things. The Iraqi people were liberated. News of whether the Iraqi people appreciate it or not depends on the source and the bias behind the source. Living in a military town we hear different. It is hard for the Iraqi people to be able to trust our troops and work with them when they are afraid that when the U.S. pulls out that they will then be the target of revenge.

I imagine your question, "Why do Republicans defend one 'freedom' and attack another, even though that other freedom doesn't affect them at all?" is refering to issues such as gay rights/marriage, abortion, pornography, etc.

I believe that all of us are created equal and are afforded certain 'rights' in this country. The problem I have is when certain groups are given additional rights beyond those of the general population and when they infringe on the 'rights' of others. Why the big fight over 'marriage.' A civil union is just as binding and comes with the same benefits. What would happen if gay marriage was mandated by law? What would happen if a gay couple wanted to get married in a church that doesn't believe in gay marriage? Law suits is what would happen. How long before churches are censored and forced to go against their beliefs? Homosexuals can say whatever they like! They can say they have a civil union with their partner or they can say they are married or whatever. No, they want it to be protected by law so that they can demand all that goes along with a 'traditional' marriage between a man and a woman... the dress, dresses, tux or tuxes, the flowers, the rice, the whole shebang including a minister of the church. Do you see why certain groups would want to protect the church?

Abortion... it is, again, one person's 'rights' infringing on another person... who happens to be helpless and unable to defend themself.

Issues such as pornography... Roland, you want to censor what is taught in Science class and are quite vehement about it! It is an issue that is important to you. Pornography is detrimental to individuals as well as our society. Take the fact that I am a Christian out of the mix... pornography sets up unrealistic expectations, is damaging to one's ability to develop true intimacy with another, and can and has often been the gateway through which deviant behavior develops. This isn't about someone's 'right' to view whatever they want. It is about protecting those that are unaware of the danger.

And, no, we have not forgotten that McCain is not a true conservative. Again, we are left with two choices...

Coffee Bean said...

Dear Anonymous,

This was originally intended to be a blog about making a choice... but as we've gotten down to the wire here I've had to step out and share my views. However, if you read through the comments on the posts you will find that there are those with differing views and you might find reading them beneficial.

I hope you come back!

Frantic Home Cook said...

Just found your blog and agree with you on many points, particularly education! I think you've got some great points and I'm with you on your compassion for the unborn.

I will make one small point of my own. As someone who watched her mother die of a gunshot, I'm for greater handgun regulation for a very personal reason.

The New England Journal of Medicine reports that in 2005, an average of 46 Americans per day committed suicide with a firearm, accounting for 53% of all completed suicides.

Whether by accident or forethought, a firearm rarely affords a second chance. Attempts involving drugs or cutting prove fatal far less often enabling the person to get help.

Roland Hulme said...

Hi Coffee Bean!

What you wrote about oil did make me think and actually, you're totally right.

Although most people only keep their cars for a couple of years, I'm sure I'm not alone in intending to drive my eighties monstrosity well into the 21st century and if we're going to need oil (or ethanol) to fuel 'em, we might as well produce it ourselves.

In addition, oil can be used to make plastics, rubber... All sorts of things.

The Dems are dead wrong about Drill Baby Drill just like they were about nuclear power stations (which have been operating in France for decades without a hitch.)

So check it out - you have made me make a U-turn on that issue.

As for healthcare - well, you just explained exactly why Obama's policy is going to work and McCain's isn't.

At the moment, the state government can dictate that hospitals have to give medical attention to people even if they have no insurance.

For example, when my baby was born, the couple next to us were illegal immigrants. The cost for their 'free' treatment is soaked up by the hospital, who cope with that added cost by charging me, the hapless consumer, more than my fair share.

McCain wants to keep this system the way it is, which will continue to drive healthcare costs up and up.

Obama wants to take the 'free' healthcare into the government's hands so the cost is met by the taxpayer instead of the person paying for health insurance - which will lead the health insurance costs coming down dramatically.

We end up paying for it one way or another - by taxes or by increased health insurance premiums. Under the current situation, Obama's is CLEARLY the better scenario for all of us struggling to afford healthcare.

As for the war in Iraq - the 'benefit' of preventing further terrorism is exactly what I was talking about. We were lied to in order to convince us to enter that war and now, 4,000 dead heroes and $600 billion later, we're no safer. LESS safer, in fact. I agree with you, though. Now we're there, we need to stick there to get the job done, otherwise we'll leave a mess like we did in the eighties with Afghanistan and look where that led us.

As for education - well, I have to admit I've been forced to soften my stance on private schools and homeschooling, because the right to teach your kids whatever you want is an American freedom and if I argue against that, I'm a hypocrite.

However, this time I wasn't even attacking Christianity. It's the Muslims learning 'religious rubbish.' Like this school that uses textbooks that call Jews 'apes' and Christians 'pigs.'


These places are breeding a new generation of Islamic terrorists. This is why religion is dangerous when mixed with education.

As for public schools - if the taxpayer pays for them, religion should be kept WELL out of them.

Besides, my beef with Intelligent Design isn't that it's religious. It's that it's psuedo-science. It's got no basis in fact, it can't be disproven (which means it's not a scientific theory by the broadest understanding of the term.)

If you teach Intelligent Design, why not teach the theory that alien life arrived on earth from space?


It's a theory with MORE scientific credibility than intelligent design.

The problem with religion and education is that most supporters (both Muslims and Christians) want to pick and choose which bits of religion (almost exclusively theirs) get fed into the education system.

I mean, look at schools in England that now teach holocaust denial so as not to offend muslim students?


Keep religion in the home or church, not the classroom.

Finally, the thing you wrote about gay marriage.

Now, I'm not gay and I'm not religious, so in my mind, civil partnerships are an excellent idea for hetero AND homosexual couples. As long as they have all the rights of a 'real' marriage, I'd be happy.

But the fact that you wrote: "Why the big fight over 'marriage.' A civil union is just as binding and comes with the same benefits."

Exactly, Coffee Bean. If it's just the same, why do Christians get so upset about it?

The fact is, it's clearly NOT the same, or Christians wouldn't be arguing against it.

It's the same argument they used in the 50's and 60's to continue racial segregation - the concept that seperating blacks and whites was fine because they were 'seperate but equal.'

It's a farce. In forty years time, our children will look back on this era as one almost as troubling and dark as the days of segregation.

I realise that for some years, their might be court cases about churches not letting gays get married in them... But you know what? The same thing happened in the 50's and 60's.

Back then, people argued that the Bible banned interacial marriage (Deuteronomy 7:3-4) but these days, Christians accept that this reading of the scripture was backwards and wrong.

The time will come when open-minded Christians accept the same about their scripture regarding homosexuality.

Coffee Bean said...


I so appreciate you and your taking the time to explain where you are coming from and why!

Healthcare: If only states no longer mandated hospitals to care for those who entered were the only issue... One of the biggest problems that drive healthcare cost up is law suits. Malpractice insurance is insanely expensive and the cost of it is passed on to the patients. Maybe, on the surface, Obama's healthcare plan seems more fair but, only idealistically. The healthcare will have to come with limits. That is just a reality. Who will be making those choices? What individuals will fall through the cracks? Those deemed unworthy by our society? Those that cannot care for themselves or contribute? It can get a bit scary when you start pushing your thinking beyond what is on the table.

Terrorism: There have been no attacks on American soil since 9/11. Why? Can you honestly believe that it is because there has been no threat?

Gay Marriage: Yes, there is a difference between a civil union and marriage and the difference is a civil union does not involve a minister of the church. This is just another example of the 'rights' of a minority trying to infringe on the 'rights' of another, or in this case, an institution. Should gay marriage be mandated it would have to be enforced by law. How long before the lawsuits start? How long before a church refusing to marry homosexuals is charged with unlawful discrimination? How long before even stating that homosexuality is wrong from a pulpit is considered a hate crime? How long before the government is picking and choosing its way through the bible and telling churches what they can and cannot say or even believe?

I have nothing against homosexuals and hate that being against gay marriage is often seen as hateful toward them. It is not about preventing gays from living their lives as how they see fit... it is about protecting the church!

And, yes, you are right that the church was against interacial marriage and that that has changed. Is the church wrong about homosexual practices? Is the church wrong to not marry them before God and bless that union? I don't think so. Could I be wrong? Yes. However, I believe any change of that sort must come from within the church itself and that the church must remain free from being forced to make that choice. There are churches out there that have embraced homosexuality and gay marriage... why are those that are fighting for gay marriage trying to force all churches to do the same? It is an attack on the church Roland.

Roland Hulme said...

I hate to say it, but the right of a church to 'refuse service' is surely just as bad as a shop during the days of segregation putting up a sign saying 'Whites Only.'

I don't think it'll be an issue, since surely nobody will want to get married where they're not wanted.

However, I think fighting against gay marriage is fighting against a homosexual person's right to have a committed relationship in the eyes of God.

And that, according to the supreme court, is an 'inalienable right' protected by the Declaration of Independence.

Two Dogs said...

Mandated "healthcare" gets my goat. Even aside from the fact that everyone is starting to call medical services "healthcare."

Let's look at the history and math behind it. First, in every state until the late 1960's we had state hospitals that provided the "healthcare" for the crazies. They were state run and kept the nuts off the street. Before you cough up your skull, my grandfather, the greatest human being to ever live, died in one of those state run hospitals at Whitfield, by the way. And yes, he was a nut.

DEMOCRATS decided that those state run sanatoriums were bad for the nuts' freedom and that their rights were being violated. Nevermind that most of them did not realize they were living on this planet. Presto-Chango, we have a homeless population explosion. Democrats do not have the intellectual curiosity to think through things, they only react to immediate problems without looking at the big picture. Philosophy ALWAYS comes first. If you are a socialist or deadbeat and want the government to take care of you, even though they have proven their incompetence, then kneel at your master's feet, slave. I shall not. EVAH.

The only reason that people are even discussing "healthcare" is because it is expensive. it is ONLY about their money. Figure out the reason why it has gotten so expensive and then you can solve the problem. The reason, by the way, is exactly what Coffee Bean said, you have trial lawyers that will sue at the drop of the fedora because of some perceived slight. And they are DEMOCRATS. Use your brain to make decisions, because the touchy-feely ones are killing the working population and moving the money from our shores to places that desire the wealth and jobs.

The reason that Barry's "healthcare" plan will not work, is because he is lying about it. I have taken his lies down on this topic so many times that I refuse to do it again. But....65 billion to cover the additional 55% of the population? Yeah, and since we spend over 450 billion a year to cover those that we do now, how is the next wave going to cost only 10% of what the smaller number costs? It is because Obama is MAGIC. There is no one on Earth that possesses even limited intelligence that believes Barry Obama on anything. Because every single word from his mouth has been a lie and it has been proven.

Two reasons exist to vote for Barry Obama, and they are the only two. Number one, you are a black racist. Number two, you are a moron that expects everything to be taken from people that have earned it and given to you that did not. Pick one and live with it, but you cannot claim intelligence as a reason to vote for Obama because voting for Obama is suicidal if you have a job and family.

Unmoved said...


Two reasons exist to vote for Barry Obama, and they are the only two. 1) You are a black racist.
2) You are a moron that expects everything to be taken from people that have earned it and given to you that did not.

Mr Dog:
I am awed by the your salient arguments. It obviously reflects your mental capacity.

Two Dogs said...

Unmoved, you just have to determine if you are a racist or a deadbeat. Those are the only two reasons to vote for Obama. There has been no other reason that I have ever heard.

My IQ exceeds 145 in every test that I have ever taken. Barry Obama's has never exceeded 130 in any test he has ever taken. A Barry supporter with an IQ exceeding 80 has never been discovered to date.

Roland Hulme said...

"I am awed by the your salient arguments. It obviously reflects your mental capacity."

Oh, God, that's hiliarious!

Even funnier is Two Dog's response, in which he CLEARLY channels Joe Biden. "I have a much higher IQ than you!"

Also, it illustrates Two Dog's blithe habit of making stuff up.

Obama sat his LSATs at Harvard, so that gives him a probable IQ (based on the other grads) of 140-165. Possibly much higher.

Two Dogs said...

Joe Biden has proven that he is a moron to anyone that has listened.

Oddly enough, Obama's sheeple have published his IQ as 130, Roland. Because you wish things to be a certain way does NOT make them so. Just saying.

Roland Hulme said...

Care to cite your source, old man?

Closest I've come is 156.

unmoved said...

Here is one of your Black "Racists".


In a battle of wits, you come armed with a pea-shooter.

Your compassion for fellow man, lower than whale sh*t (bottom of the sea)

You wisdom, you are as shallow as p*ss on concrete.

Coffee Bean said...

Dear Unmoved,

That is a beautiful and moving YouTube clip. Barak Obama most definitely has a gift for inspiring people and giving them a sense of hope. I'm sure we will see that gift in action tonight in his 30 minute spot he's purchased on several networks!

My problem with Barak Obama is not with him as an individual or those who choose to vote for him. It is with his basic underlying ideology that drives his campaign and where he is wanting to take this country. All other issues aside... we as Americans really need to look at his economic policy and what that really means... not just individually but what it means for our country as a whole. There's also the fact that the checks and balances will be removed and Congress will be filibuster proof. We are in danger of losing our freedom.

Two Dogs said...

Roland, when I get back to the computer, I will send you a link. Dang, every single time I state facts, you require that and every single time I give them. And still you refuse to see the truth.

Unmoved, thanks for the compliments. Your grasp of intelligence is unmatched in your political philosophical group. And your knowledge of me and my actions is overwhelming. You are the single smartest moron that I have been fortunate enough to be insulted by. Good luck in the seventh grade, AGAIN.

Sorry Coffee Bean, for Unmoved's great debate language and humongous smarty smarts.

Two Dogs said...

Roland, here is a search that I did on my phone. It's a pretty good post that breaks down the info. They say that Obama's IQ is greater than 116, which judging from what I have seen and read about him, might be somewhat optimistic.


Roland Hulme said...

Oh, thank goodness for that. I was worried you'd just paste a link to some Libertarian nutjob's blog, where he'd pull a random figure out of his ass and claim it's Obama's IQ.


You can claim his ideas are stupid, he's linked to radicals, he's a socialist... But don't claim he's got an IQ of 116. He was President of the Harvard Law Review and, buddy, they don't hand that out through 'affirmative action.'

From a purely intellectual standpoint, I imagine Obama is more intelligent than anybody posting on this blog. However, that DOESN'T mean he's better qualified to be president. I'm sure you're the same as me - we both know some really dumb 'smart' people.

Two Dogs said...

Roland, I knew that you wouldn't believe any facts when they were given.


"From a purely intellectual standpoint, I imagine Obama is more intelligent than anybody posting on this blog."

That statement is asinine.

Roland Hulme said...

Those weren't facts. That asshat was simply claiming that Obama's test scores must have been 400 points lower than everybody elses' at Harvard because he was black.

Because, apparently, no African American has ever gone to university on their own merit.

He's a racist idiot.

Two Dogs said...

I didn't expect you to read it and understand it, Roland and told you that up front.

Anyone that likes Barry Obama is a racist idiot.

Roland Hulme said...

sorry, yes, I forgot, when black people, like Colin Powell, vote for Obama, it's a race thing, because they're both black. Even if millions of white people support that candidate as well.

Yet when white people vote for a white person, it's only because he's the better candidate.

Thanks for clarifying that.

Two Dogs said...

Roland, I seriously have no idea why you are so closed-minded. Aren't youngsters supposed to be free thinkers? Weird that students and professors are the most closed-minded folks in this world, huh?

Colin Powell endorsed Obama because he wants another cabinet position or are you not paying attention? He basically pleaded for a job in his endorsement. And don't you find it really odd that a four very short years ago, the Moonbats FORCED Bush to ditch the unaccomplished political general out of the Sec State position because he was a murdering warmonger? What changed? Oh yeah, he's in their camp now. Of course, when you possess a brain with the retention of an Etch-A-Sketch, nothing is philosophically solid. Dang, it is hard to debate you, sir.

Two Dogs said...

Oh, and since the Moonbats are talking about how old McCain is and how senile he is, why does Colin Powell matter? John McCain born 1936 and Colin Powell born, wait for it....... 1937.

Double standard, much?