Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm Sick of Politics

What is there to holler about today? Last night while I was circling the airport trying to pick up my husband I heard some guy on the radio comparing stuff Obama wrote at different times to the book he wrote, Dreams From My Father. He didn't feel that Obama could have possibly written it. He then took a leap and compared it to writings of Bill Ayers and came to the conclusion that Bill Ayers must have actually written the book... and that Bill Ayers and some other dude are like parental figures to Obama... My mouth is still hanging open. What? Of course, my reaction is much the same as when I first found out about Ted Haggard and we all know how that turned out. Anyone else hear this craziness? Any thoughts?

Saw on the 10 minutes of Good Morning America that I watched this morning waiting for the weather segment that the McCain campaign is now going to focus on the economy rather than attacking Obama. I'd heard the McCain campaign was all on the attack. Huh?

I'm about ready to pull my hair out and run stark raving mad through the streets in my town. But, with clothes on. I haven't lost it completely.

So, what ridiculousisities have you heard? Yes, I made up that word. Any other angry people out there want to step out and send me another e-mail on my intellectual ineptitude? Feel free! I can use the laugh.


Two Dogs said...

From what I can gather, Obama has been affiliated with Ayers and Dorhn since the late 1980's when he worked with Bernadine Dorhn. Michelle worked with them, too. Yes, I have heard the idea that Ayers quite possibly helped Obama write Dreams and that seems plausible, Barry is not very articulate in case you having seen any of his speeches. Not too bright. Dreams is definitely a hating screed. Pick it up and read it. I have a book review on my blog. Disgusting drivel written by a moron that hated his family that never abandoned him while he tried to chase the one that did. Of course, his mother's family was an America hating group of moonbats, too. I have written extensively about Stanley Dunham, Barry's grandfather that never worked a day in his life, except when he was drafted into the military.

Strangely enough, that relationship with Ayers/Dorhn is taking a backseat to the one with Rezco in my opinion. Rezco appears to be singing to the Feds about his dealings with the Giannoulias family and Broadway Bank in Chicago.

And yes, Obama was financed and run by the Chicago Democrat Party bigwigs. Also, his first townhouse was financed in a sweetheart deal through Broadway Bank, owned by the Giannoulias family.

not only those dealings, but Obama's people are continually trying to scrub the internet and papers for anything that puts in bad company. Google screwed up and linked their first search engine on the main page and photographs immediately cropped up of Obama in meetings with ACORN, which he said that he never worked for. Wonder if the RICO investigations of ACORN and Barry's campaign donation to them of 800k will stick to him? One can only hope. Criminals need to be behind bars.

Finally, to me, a man that cheats on his wife is the epitome of scum. He has no honor. It is breaking now that Obama had a young woman named Vera Baker on his campaign staff as a finanace director. Oddly enough, Ms. Baker got dumped from the campaign and shipped off to Martinique late last year. Seems Michelle was none too happy about the relationship between her and Obama. Well, I know that Michelle seems like a very angry, hateful person, just like Barry, but she was more unhappy than usual.

And check out Barry's campaigning for Odinga in Kenya on a Senate paid trip. Seriously, the list is simply too long to actually give you an adequate description of how much of a crooked moron that Barry is. I would have to write an encyclopedia.

Sarah said...

Now you know what I feel like just about every week... then I remember why I'm involved and forget how much I hate it.

Politics is the ULTIMATE love/hate relationship.

BLBeamer said...

My favorite ridiculousness is here.

If you want to laugh, watch the whole thing, particularly Sen. Obama's explanation of...something. The whole video is hilarious, but I'm biased in favor of nearly everything Iowahawk does.

Becky said...
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Roland Hulme said...

The biggest lies in this campaign:

1: Obama is a Muslim socialist.
2: McCain would be a third Bush-term.

But other doozies are:

1: The housing crisis was the fault of the Bush government (actually, it was the Democrats.)
2: Republicans have the slightest notion of 'fiscal responsibility.'
3: Experience is vital for leadership (I reckon we'll have a President Obama AND a President Palin to prove them wrong.

Two Dogs said...

Obama WAS Muslim and I guess that he has renounced his affiliation with the New Party, too? Religions, lifelong friends, political ties, all die under the wheels of Obama's bus.

"Leadership" isn't necessarily a positive word. It is ambiguous.

BLBeamer said...

I was going to ask Roland, "Does anybody take seriously the 'Barack is a Muslim' rumor?" But then I read two dogs' message and changed my mind.

I believe that President Bush shares co-equal blame with Congress (both parties) and the Federal Reserve (both Greenspan and Bernanke's regimes).

The indictment:

1. The Fed for injecting too much liquidity into the economy at too low interest rates and thereby completely ignoring their responsibility to control inflation.

2. Congress for spending like drunken sailors on shore leave with lottery winnings and for their malfeasance regarding their oversight of both the Fed and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

3. President Bush because he doesn't know how to spell "Veto".

Two Dogs said...

Barry Obama WAS certainly a Muslim. He was actually registered "Religion: Islam" on his visa in Indonesia and went to a Muslim school, but if people want to ignore that, that is their perogative. It is FACT.

The only reason that Obama consistently denies his Muslim past is because most people understand that Muslim = terrorist. It would be nice if ONE Muslim would stand up and condemn terrorism, but those few that think that way are too scared to do so.

Make no mistake, I am BLATANTLY saying that Islam is a terrorist religion and promotes killing of innocents. And the facts are certainly on my side.

BLBeamer said...

I'm not questioning that Barack may have been registered as you say in the largest Muslim country on earth, but there's no way he was really a Muslim, and even the lunatic wing of Islam recognizes that fact. I know this from the simple fact that the most heinous crime to those lunatics is apostasy. If they felt Barack really was an ex-Muslim there would - at the least - be fatwas against him being delivered from the (figurative) fever swamps of Islamania. I know of none.

Also, given the current state of tolerance for such personal matters among those barbarian kooks, if they really felt Barack was apostate, at least one nutter would have tried to take him out by now, in Allah's name (PBUH).

Two Dogs said...

Oh, I forgot to add the disclaimer. The person that is now currently known as "Barack Obama" was never a Muslim. The person that became Barack Obama was formerly known LEGALLY as Barry Soetoro. Sorry, I forgot that. So, technically, he is as correct as when he says, "I was never employed by ACORN."

So, the human being that is now known as Barack Obama was Muslim BEFORE he became Barack Obama, so I guess that doesn't count.

BLBeamer said...

Oh, great. Now you've blown his cover. Let his blood be upon your head, mister.

Roland Hulme said...

Two Dogs - you clearly don't understand the difference between 'IS' and 'WAS'

Possibly you were in Creationism Class instead of English that day.

Two Dogs said...

So Barry Obama is actually Muslim?

Elysa said...

Just an FYI and completely off the topic of politics:

Kelly is having issues with her pc after moving it to her "new office" and she needs y'all's prayers right now. She just received word today that a woman that she was very close to during her Mississippi days has died. Kelly, Lisa, and I all went to church together several years ago.

Please pray for Kelly and our friend's family, especially her two sons, during this rough time.


Graham said...

Wild stuff this week?

Joe the Plumber story wins, hands down (though I must say I really enjoyed McCain and Obama at the Alfred E. Smith dinner)

Joe made his case against raising taxes in a clearer simpler fashion than McCain's campaign could so far (good for him). Suddenly he is a media darlin' (double good for him).

But then we find out he actually doesn't make more than $250k (bad for him) and in fact may actually get a tax break in Obama's plan (good for him but dilutes his argument).

Finally, Joe the plumber is not licensed and may actually owe back taxes (ouch and double ouch).

The last rather outrageous rumor was that Joe was somehow related to Charles Keating and that this was a big conspiracy to "plant" him as a story. So far this rumour has not been confirmed and is most likely too crazy to have any truth.

Anyways, Joe, thanks but your 15 minutes of fame is up. Maybe you can get a spot on Survivor Iceland.

And two dogs, you still sound angry.

BLBeamer said...

In regards to Roland's and my comments on what caused the housing crisis, Joseph Stiglitz has an article in Time here that essentially validates my comments as to the root cause of the current crisis. I'm not pointing it out to "toot my own horn" but to provide info from a Nobel-laureate whom I have read before.

One area I do disagree with Prof. Stiglitz (for what it's worth): I am not sure what Prof. Stiglitz is referring to as deregulation since anyone in the mortgage industry knows there was in fact plenty of regulation. Perhaps he means poor performance on the part of regulators. In that case, I would agree.

Also, I disagree with one or two of his solutions, but I think we are indebted to one of our finest economic minds for providing such clearly written explanations and proposals we can at least debate thoughtfully.