Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm Back!

I am back and out of the loop! Hopefully, I can find some time today to get back up to speed on some things. In the mean time...

1. How do you feel about the election today?

2. Has there been any information that has come to light over the last week that has you thinking?

3. What are the hot topics going around?


Roland Hulme said...

1: My election batteries have been drained. Everybody's going on about how Obama's going to win, but I'm not so sure. A lot of McCain's supports won't pitch in on the polls. I'm seeing a LOT of McCain boards on the roadside even in Democratic New Jersey and Long Island.

2: I was royally narked at Palin saying she wants a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Hands off our constitution! I was also offended - VERY offended - at the Obama supporters in the 'Sarah Palin is a C***' t-shirts. Despicable.

3: Hot topics? It's all started to resemble leftovers now. Definitely electioned out unless something new crops up.

Two Dogs said...

1. I am just baffled. With McCain within two, that spells sure victory for the Republicans TODAY. It will be another 1994 if this data is correct and the Democrats will lose both houses of Congress. That would be just too cool. Because just the possibility of Barry getting elected with a Democrat Congress has sent the market and the economy in general into a tailspin not experienced since the Carter administration.

2. About Barry: the naked photos of his mother. That is just creepy. And it also raises another point, why was his mother naked and getting her photo taken in Uncle Frank's house, wearing Uncle Frank's wife's shoes? That just makes me ill. Is Barry actually Uncle Frank's kid, is that why he cannot release his birth certificate?

How about the Moron Party pushing legislation to remove the tax breaks from 401ks? Is that big news? And what do they think that will do for the market and retirement investing? I use the word "think" very losely when talking about Democrats, by the way.

3. The attacks on the McCain bus with a rifle, but not in the mainstream news. The attacks on an elderly female McCain supporter and the arrest of a fat male Barry supporter in New York, but not in the mainstream news. The continuing raids on ACORN offices because of voter registration fraud and embezzling, but not in the mainstream news. The lies that Barry told about Ayers just being a guy n his neighborhood, when they actually shared an office for three years with the Communist Party chief in Chicago, but not in the mainstream news, Tony Rezco squealing on the Broadway Bank and Barry's criminal financing of his campaigns, but not in the mainstream news. Biden saying that there will be an international incident within six months of Barry getting elected and that they will botch the response, but not in the mainstream news. I guess that the big thing is that the mainstream news is counting on Barry Obama shutting down dissent in any media forms after he is elected.

I wish we could have another month of campaigning, the more that the electorate finds out about Barry, the more they move away from him in buckets. Since our mainstream media has a vested interest in getting him elected and will not do the job that we have entrusted them to do, it takes a little longer to get that information out. If we had two more months before the election, I have no doubt that Barry would be indicted and have to drop out. His criminal acts are too broad reaching for the law to ignore even if the media does.

AmusedMomma said...

1. The election is going to McCain, and not by a little.
2. Oh yea! More and more very day, but that's what happens when you lie. BO has got to face the facts and the truth, otherwise all this stuff will dog him continually. Roland mentions a new low with the offensive t-shirts. That kind of language is completely inappropriate and just shows how low some folks character has gone. Two Dogs mentioned all the stuff I was talking about above that will dog BO til he comes clean.
3. Hot topics -- why the MSM isn't reporting a bunch of stuff. They've completely abdicated their usefulness and should all be fired. Of course, those signing their paychecks don't care so that's unlikely to happen. The only thing that matters is ratings.


Two Dogs said...

What I am really curious to know is, do all of y'all remember when I said that the market was going to experience a 2500-3000 point drop and BL Beamer was all up on that because of dollar cost averaging in the 401k? What about the Dumbocrats wanting to kill the 401k tax avantage, now? And in case y'all haven't been watching, it's about 3500 points off the mark in July. Just saying.

(Really I am pointing out who is the genius in the group. It never hurts to point out when you are right. For forty-four years, I have never been wrong. And counting.)

BLBeamer said...

Where was I wrong?

Two Dogs said...

Oh I wasn't saying that you were at all, I was just saying that I was right with my prediction. I was certainly right to dump everything that I had in the market last October, too.

Becky said...

I'm with drained of all of this.

The MAJOR big stuff that comes out about Obama and is swept under the proverbial rug...not reported...not even looked at with a bias.

Then the MINOR stuff like Palin's kids getting their own $100 a night hotel room...come on. They are knit-picking her to pieces and it only makes the press and the liberals look like asses. (Like all of those nasty old women on The View...asses!)

I am all for having a position and defending it, but I am so sick of people disrespecting each other in the name of politics...because when this is all said and done...we ALL have to live here TOGETHER!

The sad irony of politics is that anyone who is worthy of the job most probably couldn't get elected...and anyone who actually wants to run and do the most likely a nutcase! (I mean who would put themselves and their family through that kind of scrutiny if they were in their right mind!)

Just my two cents. :)

Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend Coffee Bean.

The Maid

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