Friday, October 31, 2008

If Iraqis Could Vote, They Would Vote for McCain!

I found this article (by way of Gateway Pundit )to be quite interesting!

Back in September I had the chance to talk about Iraq with a helicopter pilot that had just retired and who had served in Iraq. I've found that when I've had the chance to talk with those that have served in Iraq I am told a much different story than what is usually offered up in our newspapers and on our news programs. This helicopter pilot told me that many Iraqis are afraid of working with the Americans because they they will be targeted if the U.S. pulls out. At the same time, there have been many brave Iraqis to step up and do just that, regardless of their safety should we leave.

What will happen to these people if we pull out too soon? How would that affect our standing in the world? What message would that send to the terrorists? Whatever the reason for the war... we are in it and we have a duty to finish it. We cannot go in there and turn everything upside down just to walk away. The United States needs to stand up and make it right. We must help the Iraqi people establish their freedom and protect that freedom. You cannot make it right by walking away.... Over 4,000 American lives have been given and we have a duty to those to make sure that their lives were not given in vain!

I find it ironic that as we fight for the freedom of another people we are facing the possibility of losing our freedom here... and not by force. Do people hear what Obama says??? Do people not understand what it means??? Is this election going to come down to a tax calculator and votes being cast for how much money they think they will get personally? Have they not noticed the number at which people will be taxed more keeps getting lower and lower from the mouths of Obama and Biden themselves?

I pray to God that something happens this weekend to open the eyes of the American people!!!


Two Dogs said...

CB, I really have little doubt that folks are not aware of how bad the future would be under an Obama regime. I posted my last linkdump of this election cycle. Well unless some new information breaks. Clear out about three hours and give it a read.

Israel prefers McCain at about 67%, too.

Roland Hulme said...

If Iraqis could vote, maybe they'd vote to cover the $10 billion a month we spend preserving their freedoms with some of the $79 billion a month surplus their government makes.

Every nation in the world in undergoing an economic crisis EXCEPT Iraq, and we're still picking up the cheque.

Coffee Bean said...

Hey Roland!

My point was that there is a belief being perpetuated through different avenues that the Iraqis do not want us there. I do think that the Iraqis need to be footing (at the least) part of the bill.