Friday, October 3, 2008

The Great Debate!

1. Who do you think won?

2. Do you think this debate will have any lasting bearing on the election?

3. Do you have any observations you would like to share?

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Two Dogs said...

1. There is absolutely no doubt. This one was like Dick Cheney against his two milquetoast opponents. And I believe that Palin actually pulled punches instead of following through. Biden was so bad on foreign policy, I honestly think Barry has no choice other than to replace him. Biden was terrible and looked it, well except for his forehead which was obviously made in a laboratory deep inside the Earth.

2. Sadly no, other than maybe energizing the conservative base temporarily. McCain will only take two weeks to undo that though, just like he has done since the convention. The Republicans should get back to the premises from the Contract for America, but instead call it the Contract for the United States of America. The states are the most important part.

3. The fact that Gwen Ifill pointed out one of Joe Biden's lies during the debate was astounding. Even though Ifill is a partisan hack, she was still upset with Biden's continued lying. Isn't it telling when even your cheerleaders start rooting for your opponent?

Stephanie said...

I didn't answer your questions... sorry! =( This is part of as post from my blog but it does indirectly answer your queries.

I was so happy that they let Palin be herself. She is engaging and charming. Biden's focus on McCain rather than Palin was a great strategy because it saved him from being a female basher. And really we are talking about the next president and those he brings with him. I have no real interest in seeing a debate focused on vice presidential picks and their appropriateness for the job. I wish Palin was on my side though. She is an admirable woman even if I don't admire her politics. Let her be herself!

I think Biden won in substance.

Roland Hulme said...

Overall, I think the debate was more entertaining than Wednesday night's episode of Knight Rider, but not quite as realistic...

Apparently the consensus is that Joe Biden won. I'm not so sure about that. He did do BRILLIANTLY, reining in that big mouth of his and giving solid answers all the way.

Sarah REALLY impressed me, though. Right from that first moment "Can I call you Joe?" to her folksy shtick all the way through. She delivered her lines brilliantly.

I won't say who it is yet, but the debate DID make me decide on a candidate.

Two Dogs said...

Stephanie and Roland, when Markos Molitsas Zuniga at DailyKos says that Palin won, you have to give it up. No one can spin what happened last night. No one.

So far, the count of blatant lies from Biden is up to twenty, NOT counting the fact the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee doesn't know that Article 1 of the Constitution addresses the legislative branch not the executive, that Gaza is NOT the West Bank and the other whopper that I noticed was that the foreign policy genius said we forced Hezbollah from Lebanon. Biden was an insanely bad flop.

Biden lied and looked like a trainwreck. I was shocked and it reads in my live blog of the debates. Language warning!

Roland Hulme said...

Heh. Palin told some porkies too, Two Dogs. Like that Obama wanted to raise taxes on people making $42,000 a year (TOTAL lie) and that Obama was going to bring in federally controlled universal healthcare (another LIE.)

But they're politicions - what do you expect?

I think Sarah did very well.

Two Dogs said...

Roland, I don't know if you were on this planet when Bill Clinton got elected with the same jabbering that Obama is running on now, but I was. And I remember, because I was an adult that paid taxes.

Bill Clinton ran on the platform of giving the middle class a tax cut (just like Obama, while still ignoring mathematics) then a mere three weeks after assuming office he came out and said, "I have worked harder than I ever have in my life, but there is no way to offer that tax cut."

And then he promptly gave us the largest tax increase in the history of our country on people in the middle, who are the only folks that PAY TAXES. Obama has proposed a trillion dollars in new spending while giving 95% of workers (40% of whom do not pay taxes) a tax cut. It is a lie and you know it. If you do not, then I suggest you relearn your maff.

And if you recall, Obama's whole campaign started with a ridiculously stupid idea of universal healthcare, according to you, he NOT going to do that now? And do not even get me started on the math on that debacle. I have posted a total of 1000 posts debunking Barry's lunacy on medical services.

Sarah lied about those points? Don't think so, Tim.

Roland Hulme said...

I seem to remember Clinton also managed to balance the federal budget and reduce spending.

Lucky we had a 'fiscal conservative' like Bush to follow him - and hurl the country into financial bankruptcy and trillions of dollars in debt.


Sarah said...

All I have to say is Sarah Palin is even more brilliant than I ever thought before.

Anonymous said...

First time reader here, I got this site from DOOCE. They both told lies. Obama did not vote to raise taxes on families making 45,000 that was a budget resolution that called for returning the 25 percent tax bracket to its pre-Bush tax cut level of 28 percent. That could have affected an individual with no children making as little as $42,000. But a couple would have had to earn $83,000 to be affected and a family of four at least $90,000. The resolution would not have raised taxes on its own, without additional legislation, and, as we've noted before, there is no such tax increase in Obama's tax plan. (The vote took place on March 14 of this year, not last year as Palin said.) Palin got it wrong on we our down to pre surge levels, pre surge was 132,000, and now its 146,000. Biden said that Iraq has a 79 illion surplus, they don't, they have 39 billion and could have 47 to 59 billion by the end of the year. Biden said McCain voted 20 times against alternative energy but it was 11 times. Both were wrong on Obama and McCain not voting on funding the troops. McCain voted against it because that had a time line, Obama voted for it. The other, Obama voted against because it didn't have a timeline, and McCain voted against it. It is not true that they voted not to fund the troops. They both have a good record on funding the troops. There is lots more, just do your research. I am a Obama supporter, but believe in giving facts, and neither side does a good job of it.

AmusedMomma said...

Who really balances the budget?

Is it the President, or is it the Congress?

Coffee Bean said...

I hope you come back Anonymous! I appreciate your level of objectiveness and honesty!

Two Dogs said...

Anon, if you are planning on voting for Obama, maybe you should do a little more homework. Obama plans on allowing the tax cuts on those making over 200k (it's already been cut by 50k while you weren't watching) to go back to previous levels. Since that tax cut RAISED revenues by four percent, where is the additional revenue going to miraculously appear to pay for his forced healthcare system? And if he thinks that 64 billion dollars is going to pay for that healthcare, why would the coverage for the additional 55% of our country cost 1/20th of what it costs to cover the 45% that we are covering now?

What is your candidate really able to do with those fishes and loaves? And since he is able to defy mathematics and physical laws of the world, what else can he do? I have never heard him be able to spew out one single sentence without sounding like an idiot and compared to McCain, that is saying an awful lot.

This whole election thing is getting crazy as usual. How people can sit there and actually think that one man can bring about a significant change in this country when he never stops to understand third grade mathematics completely dumbfounds me.