Monday, October 27, 2008

Eight Days

We are getting down to the wire! Yes! I am working on a comparison of sorts and I want to get all my facts straight so it is going to take me some more time. I'm curious to know though...

1. If you are still undecided, what factors are you considering that are making the decision hard for you?

2. If you are decided, what were the deciding factors for you?

3. Do you have any caveats in your decisions?


Two Dogs said...

1. I am reluctantly pulling the lever for the only candidate that doesn't hate the Constitution. The proof is in the audio in your post above this one. So, I am not undecided.

2. With the overwhelming deluge of still more decisive proof of Barry Obama's lifelong corruption and his blinding hatred of our country's founding principles, I had no alternative other than to vote for John McCain. A centrist at best, a leftist at worst. Still as moderate as McCain is, he is much closer to my individualist philosophy of the government leaving me alone to crank out the Benjamins. Barry Obama is finally getting called to task on his fascist and Marxist religions in the last week. Even the mainstream media can no longer shield Barry and Biden from legitimate questions. By the way, Biden has had two utter meltdowns in the last three days on television. Plus he has called out a 527 in Houston and requested the Justice Department look into their finances. For your information, Biden is the last remaining Senator that voted against the Alaska pipeline. Wonder what his concept of energy independence is?

3. If the world blows up and I cannot get the security clearance that Obama can get, which is doubtful, I shall cast my ballot for Barry if he is the only other last remaining person on the planet. Odds are that I could get the clearance, because between Barry and me, I am the only one that can figure out how to boot a computer. So, instead of Barry, I would write my own name in and then beat him up and take his lunch money from his purse or out of his skirt pocket.

BLBeamer said...

I'm undecided, and here's the issues I'm struggling with. In no particular order:

1. I don't trust John McCain to be the person he is claiming to be. For example, he spent the last eight years expressing disgust with evangelicals, yet now he says, "I are one." Convenient timing. I think that is a clear case of pandering.
2. On the other hand, he does have a record in Congress of opposing spending abuses, so I believe he probably would veto unnecessary spending bills, unlike Pres. Bush whose record in this regard is shameful. Obama has not proposed a single realistic spending decrease that I'm aware of. In fact, he seems to want to increase spending and the current corrupt Congressional leadership is chomping at the bit to help him. This concerns me greatly because I believe given the economic situation, governmental austerity is prescribed.
3. So much of the press has been in the tank so blatantly for Obama, they ought to be ashamed of themselves. But they won't be because shame is for other less important people.
4. The miracle of Obama is intriguing. He owes his political success to becoming part of the corrupt Chicago political machine, yet - miracle of miracles! - he is the only person in history who came out cleaner then he went in. If the press had bothered to look, I am quite sure that they would have discovered his mother was a virgin at the time he was born.
5. In between giving Obama tongue baths, the press has been obnoxiously unfair and hypocritical with their treatment of Sarah Palin. She may or may not have what it takes to be vice president, but her treatment has generated a backlash of sympathy for her, at least by me.
6. Obama may or may not have what it takes to be president, but we'll never have the opportunity to find out before the election, unfortunately. The press has been curiously uncurious about his qualifications and background compared to, say, Sarah Palin's shoes.
7. McCain's ego is enormous, and he strikes me as the kind of guy who thinks something is true because he thinks it is, regardless of arguments or data indicating otherwise.
8. On the other hand, McCain has admitted he is ignorant about the economy. That doesn't help me feel better, though.
9. Obama's first instinct seems to be to suppress or punish those who dare to embarrass him by asking tough questions. That is not a good sign if one holds the 1st Amendment in as high esteem as I do.
10. On the other hand: McCain/Feingold. 'Nuff said.
11. Obama is obviously lying with his remarks discussing his relationship with Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Frank Davis and other scumbag undesirables.
12. Obama endorsed attacking Pakistan, yet he wants to talk to Iran with no preconditions. I don't want to attack either one of them, and I don't think we should be ignorant of their actions or naive of their intentions when we sit down to talk.
13. If McCain wins, Keith Olbermann would soil himself. I would very much like to see that.
14. If Obama wins, Sean Hannity would cry. I'd like to to see that, too.
15. No matter who wins, Bill O'Reilly will not shut up. This one had the potential to be a deal maker.
16. Ralph Nader came through Seattle recently and I actually agreed with much of what he had to say. He condemned governments ignoring infrastructure but giving money to billionaires so the billionaires will put a sports team in their town. Brilliant, I agree. He had the most passionate and accurate statement I've yet seen regarding Congressional corruption. He opposes the Wall Street bailout. As do I, although for different reasons. However, his VP candidate is completely bananas, and realistically, I don't believe Ralph is temperamentally suited to be president.
17. Bob Barr is the Libertarian candidate. I have voted Libertarian before. Sorry, Bob, not this year.
18. I have come to believe that mixed government (president one party and Congress a different party) seems to work well for the country. Think Reagan and a Democratic Congress, or Clinton and a Republican Congress. Since the only question in 2008 is how big the Dems' Congressional majority will be, I have to seriously consider that having a Republican president might be a good thing, even if it is the underwhelming John McCain.
19. Not all of my views on Obama are negative. His personal story is inspiring, as is McCain's. Unlike McCain, Obama strikes me as the type of person who would consult and think about things rather than trust what his ego tells him (unless it had to do with plumbers asking embarrassing questions).
20. This is not to say I think Obama is humble. No one who has allowed themselves to be presented to the world as the Messiah is humble.
21. The GOP has proven they are unfit to lead and they deserve to be in the political wilderness for 40 years.
22. However, the Reid/Pelosi junta has been shocking in its disregard for ethical and spending reform. I have a bad feeling that in 10 years, they will be worse than the GOP was between 1997-2006.
23. I'm no Hillary Clinton fan, but I do believe the sexism displayed by the Obama campaign, many of his supporters and his unpaid campaign workers in the press was appalling; and they are continuing it with their attacks on Sarah Palin.

See why I'm undecided?

Coffee Bean said...

I do, I do Mr. BLBeamer! Thank you so much for laying it all out! And... some of that made me laugh this morning. Thanks!

Roland Hulme said...

BLBeamer wrote: "I don't trust John McCain to be the person he is claiming to be. For example, he spent the last eight years expressing disgust with evangelicals, yet now he says, "I are one." Convenient timing. I think that is a clear case of pandering."

I absolutely agree, which is ultimately made me not support him. I really liked him and saw eye-to-eye with him before he pandered to the evangelicals and the conservative right and now I don't know what he truly believes.

I wish McCain had stuck to the guns he was shooting back in the primaries - then I'd have backed him 110%.

Two Dogs said...

One thing you forgot, BLBeamer. Barry went to Hawaii to visit his ailing grandmother and all of the sudden, the governor seals his birht records. Odd timing. Obama is William Tweed.

Two Dogs said...

And by "birht," I certainly mean "birth."