Thursday, October 30, 2008

Barak Obama Breaks Promise

Well I, of course, watched Barak Obama's 30 minute infomercial with great interest. It was very well done... from the examples of down to earth struggling American families, to the camera work, to the inspirational music in the background throughout... and to the live impassioned speech at the end. It was impressive. Hopefully, people will see it for what it was. A well produced PR piece.

The text that goes along with the above clip can be found here. Barak Obama was only able to produce that infomercial through a broken promise. A man of his word he is not.

What are your thoughts on the infomericial and/or Obama breaking his promise to accept public financing and to work with the Republican nominee to ensure that they both operated within those limits?


Two Dogs said...

I did not watch and I have never watched a Ronco infomercial for the Bamboo Steamer either. In case you have not been paying attention, Barry Obama has not told the truth concerning one single thing, CB. The truth does not even drive through Barry's zip code.

I do however like the fact that he did not accept public financing. The bribes that he has received will certainly have to repaid and that increases the overwhelming chances that this guy will do jail time. Think William Tweed, because Barry makes him look like a poser. Oddly enough, if you do even a cursory look through history, you will notice that Democrats are arrested and convicted at a rate six times that of Republicans. Who runs Chicago, New York, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis, Houston, get the picture.

Ooooo, Ted Stevens got convicted? Yes, and in the same length of time, thirty-nine high ranking Democrats have been indicted, and six have already been convicted and started their prison time.

(Roland, it would not matter if I gave you eight hundred links, you still would not believe it. Kwame Kilpatrick. Or Dickie Scruggs. Google them.)

unmoved said...

- McCain broke his promise to run an honorable campaign

- Palin says she killed the bridge to nowhere.... and kept the money anyways

- Senator McCain changed his position on torture and immigration to appease the RNC

If the net impact of Obama's "broken promise" was that he derived funds from individuals instead of PACs and special interests, so be it.

BLBeamer said...

I am sick and tired of all these anti-Obama people like "unmoved". Obama has never broken a promise in his life, and I will thank you very kindly to stop saying he has!

It is impossible for Obama to break a promise. I know this because I saw him in Seattle several weeks ago, and as his shadow passed over the parking lot adjacent to the off-ramp used to get to Harborview Hospital, an entire wing of quadraplegics got up and walked.

Two Dogs said...

BLBeamer has finally gone 'round the bend. I think that this election cycle is pushing folks over the edge, never to return.

We do know that you are kidding though, Barry doesn't cast a shadow.

Roland Hulme said...

The Democrats haven't rigged a decent election since 1960. It's about time they got their act together.

It's be a shame if people only remembered the GOP in 2000.

Two Dogs said...

I ma trying to remember what Republicans did in 2000 to get that comment, Roland, and the only thing that I can come up with is they kept Al Gore from disqualifying the military absentee vote. Did I miss something?

Florida cannot be discussed because from fourteen different counts and the Florida Supreme Court trying to overturn a national election, Al Gore lost in every way. Gore should have tried to win his home state, that would have made him president.

Two Dogs said...

Oh, and here's video of the typical Barry Obama supporter. Don't worry about paying for your own gas or mortgage, Barry's got your back. Moron.