Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yesssss! It is OVER!

I'm still suffering the lingering affects of molten ire toward Glenn Beck. I think he should be made to wear a bikini and run through the streets of Juneau while women throw smelly rotten produce at him.

I think there should be a ban on the song, "Celebration," by Kool and the Gang. Come on. That song was popular when I was in Jr. High. I'm sick of it. That and the fact that I had to try out for drill team to that song in High School during which my crush walked in and I completely forgot everything, totally humiliating myself, not that he noticed.

Ugh... all the clapping and cheering and chanting... why? Let the people give their speeches! It is so annoying!

I liked the video they showed of McCain. However, at this point, I think we've all memorized his story. His speech was good. He's not in the same league as Obama and Palin when it comes to delivery but we shouldn't be electing someone based on their ability to wow a crowd with words.

I'm glad it is over. Does anyone out there know of a site that just gives the facts and isn't coming out of one camp or the other? I just want the facts!


Two Dogs said...

If you are only interested in facts, without the bias, I would suggest that you check out THIS site. It appears to be a statistical analysis site made by someone that obviously breaks the top off of the IQ scale.

There is also an e-mail on there where you can send in your requests for information.

Coffee Bean said...

Thanks Two Dogs! I'll check it out!

Brenda said...

Thanks Two Dogs. I'm going to look as well.

Two Dogs said...


Just Me said...

Y'know, I banned "Celebration" from my wedding reception. I explicitly told the DJ to leave that record at the office.

I forget which movie theme it was, but back when my best friend and I used to go to bars, there'd be the occasional fundraiser where you'd pay $1 per song request. I distinctly remember paying the guy five bucks NOT to play that movie theme, whatever it was. I told him he could play it if he got more than my five dollars' worth of denial.

Thank you, Two Dogs!!1

Anonymous said...

Two Dogs, what color is the sky in your world?

Some examples of "unbaised" statements from your blog:

Orpah Winfrey, the queen of moron television will not invite Sarah Palin on her show.

Since the Obamessiah was a community organizer, I have decided to start my own little group of brownshirts to promote my own agenda.

To Democrats/morons, this is "caring" about working people.

Also, since we have already established the fact that McCain will be 500 times better than Barry as president, what in the Hell does that make Palin?

For the record, Sen Obama goes by the name Barack, not Barry.

It's very clear Two Dogs only purpose is to call anyone who doesn't agree with his ultra-right philosophies morons.