Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Small World!

My Mom and Step Dad are dog breeders. They live out in the country near Olympia, Washington and specialize in Shih Tzus, Brussells Griffons, and Teddy Bears. Their puppies have gone all over the United States. This is Taffy. She is a Shih Tzu and we will be taking her when her breeding days are done.

This little thing is a Teddy Bear. That is a mix of Shih Tzu and Bischon.

This little guy is a Shiffon. That is a Shih Tzu combined with a Griffon. These dogs are called designer dogs and the mixes are becoming more and more popular. They are healthier and aren't plagued with some of the problems that Shih Tzu's typically are.
Anyway, what do dogs have to do with my political blog? Well... A couple from Wasilla, Alaska bought one of my Mom's puppies today. They know the Palins and had nothing but wonderful things to say about them and Sarah. They also mentioned that the media is not portraying her fairly. Just thought that was interesting...


BLBeamer said...

I thought it was really interesting that even though Sarah Palin has approval ratings of greater than 80% among Alaskans, the NY Times spent two weeks and couldn't find a single Alaskan who approved of her. Top flight journalism, that.

I wonder if they got confused and were actually in Yellowknife or Seattle, but figured, "What's the difference? They're all Manhattan West."

Sarah said...

um... since when does the media every portray anything correctly?

BLBeamer said...

I don't have any general distrust of the media per se. I do have animosity towards lazy and arrogant advocacy disguised as journalism.

That description unfortunately fits prominent sections of the NY Times, unfortunately, but certainly not all sections.

Sarah said...

It's impossible for any media source to ever portray anything "correctly" because there's always a bias, whether it's in favour of or in opposition to whomever or whatever they are reporting about. Didn't say it was inherently bad, just that it is always the case.

Daly said...

Thanks for the education. I now know more about dog breeds!

Anyone who believes the media is probably a liberal dem. ;)