Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Meet Stephanie of Things Fall Apart - The Making of a Mom

Stephaine is a 43 year old stay at home mom. She is originally from Massachusetts. She is a second generation product of Italian immigrants. She has a Bachelor's degree in English from Regis College in Weston, Massachusetts. Regis is a Catholic women's college. Her time at Regis showed her how women could lead, think and be without the competition of men in the classroom. She lived and worked within a psychiatric rehabilitation center in Massachusetts called Gould Farm where staff and "guests" together manage a self sustaining farm community. At Gould Farm all community members contribute to the well being of members by producing food in the gardens, milking the cows, and cutting wood for heat. Stephanie was the Clinical Coordinator for the 40 bed program in Boston which allowed people from the Farm to graduate to more independent living. During her time working for Gould Farm she experienced many ways in which God touch and healed people in psychiatric distress through the love and inclusion of community. Stephanie felt called to continue her education at Vanderbilt's Divinity School where she earned a Masters of Divinity Degree. She worked as a chaplain on the Pychiatric ward of the the Nashville VA Hospital and also worked as Development Coordinator at the Pastoral Counseling Centers of TN. During her time at the VA she met and maried her husband. Together they have three children, 7, 5 and almost 3. Stephanie stays at home with her kids and is planning on going back into clinical training for Pastoral Counseling when her youngest child starts school.

I did not put anything in here about my political leanings... not sure if you wanted me to be that implicit. I do have 2 bumper stickers on my car... I Miss Bill and God is not spelled GOP to give you an idea. *smiles* (that bit was included in her e-mail to me and I decided to throw it in!)

I am very interested in Stephanie's opinions on things! What a background, eh?


Stephanie said...

HAHA! I figured you would... (wink)

And actually I just took the bumper stickers off the car. My husband who is a true southerner and a Republican is embarrassed by them and hates driving my car. But that is not why I took them off.

The reason is a bit more vain. I just got my car detailed for the first time since buying it 4 years ago. My kids had destroyed the inside and there was a smell i could not find. So it has been waxed and shampooed from head to toe. So since it had a new beginning on the inside I wanted to give it a new beginning on the outside. And The I Miss Bill bumper sticker seems less in need with the elections so close. I don't feel the need to plaster my political leanings on my car anymore. And it cuts down on the strangers approaching me in parking lots too. I am never quite sure whether they will be coming at me with a bat or not.

Melody said...

The funny thing is, I miss Bill too! And I really didn't like him when he was President! I simply long for the days when the President was too busy with an intern in the Oval Office to send more young men to war.

BLBeamer said...

melody - How soon they forget! I remember Bill wasn't too busy for that. He sent young men to die in Somalia and I know people who were sent to the Balkans by Bill.

Bill was an overachiever.

Melody said...

blbeamer, you are probably right, I just didn't have to worry about war then because no one I knew was involved. Also, all of my sons were small, so I didn't ever have to worry about a draft. So, really, I didn't pay too much attention to military happenings, but I do seem to remember him down-sizing the military, didn't he? And I don't remember any *big* military happenings, like Iraq with Bush Sr. and now, was there?

I am just *so* sick of the war in Iraq and rumors of impending war in Iran. Not to mention that I haven't worried about nuclear war since I was a kid during the Cold War. It is all just craziness, isn't it?!?

BLBeamer said...

No, there was nothing like Iraq during Clinton's administration. Why did you worry about a draft? There hasn't been one since 1970's (I know, I was 18 at the time). No one is seriously proposing one, that I've heard. I have relatives who are retired lt. colonels (USAF) and they said the military brass is opposed to a draft even more than the civilian population is.

I agree with you regarding a war against Iran, I oppose it. That would be madness.

Melody said...

I worry about a draft because from a non-war-following-person like me, (I *try* to be the proverbial ostrich. I work at it daily.)it seems that we have spread ourselves too thin as far as military personnel go.

For example, *why* in the world are we using our National Guard in an overseas war?? Isn't it because every other branch of the service is *also* involved in those same wars? It appears to me that we are using our National Guard as pawns in war rather than to keep us safe at home, am I right?

When they start pulling in National Guard units to go off to foreign wars, *and* all of the people-making-the-war-decisions tell us that the war will go on for years, *and* I hear that the number of those enlisting is lessening, I start worrying about the draft.

I understand and believe that the Military Brass might oppose the draft, but when was the last time that we *had* a Commander in Chief who listened to the Military Brass? Perhaps if they listened more, we wouldn't have the mess that we do. Instead, our last two presidents somehow avoided going to war. I think that because they didn't serve, they don't realize the full impact of the statement "War is Hell."

Not to mention that we have our hands so busy with all of the wars that we are currently involved in, and yet we are tweaking the noses of Iran, Russia, & China as we speak.

Anonymous said...

blbeamer: Actually GHW Bush sent the troops to Somalia... December 1992... Clinton didn't become president until January. He pulled the troops out of Somalia in May.

BLBeamer said...

Liam - The Battle of Mogadishu (of Blackhawk Down fame) occurred in October 1993. Eighteen US soldiers were killed and over 70 were wounded. Bill Clinton was president at the time.

Mogadishu is in Somalia.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are correct, the Battle of Mogudishu happened in Oct '93. Your statement was that Clinton sent troops into Somalia. As you'll see below, he did not. GHW Bush inserted them into Somalia. Clinton is the one who got them out.

Timeline of the UN missions in Somalia:

Jan '91 - Civil war rages in Somalia. An estimated 300,000 people die between '91 and '92.

Apr '92 - UN creates UNOSOM I to protect humanitarian relief. Up to 500 troops involved.

Aug '92 - President Bush begins airlifts of supplies into Somalia

Nov '92 - UNOSOM I proves ineffective and President Bush offers to provide troops for the creation of Unified Task Force Somalia (UNITAF)

Dec '92 - President Bush inserts 25,000 troops as part of UNITAF (Almost 2/3 of all UNITAF troops were US troops).

May '93 - UNITAF transitioned to UNOSOM II. US forces reduced to 17,000.

Oct '93 - Battle of Mogudishu - 18 US soldiers killed. President Clinton orders all US troops out by Mar '94. Other nations also set Mar '94 as a deadline to remove their troops.

Mar '95 - UNOSOM II officially ends.

BLBeamer said...

Well, Liam, it looks like both of our memories needed refreshing.

Do you maintain that Clinton did not have anything to do with military action in the Balkans, too?

Anonymous said...

I never said anything about the Balkans. Yes President Clinton, as part of NATO, sent troops into the Balkans.

I remember it very well because my Reserve unit was almost mobilized to go to Bosnia for UNPROFOR.

During the Kosovo operation I was at the HQ of the 21TSC in Kaiserslautern which was responsible for the logistics of KFOR.

Operation Allied Force is the air combat missions we fought to protect the Kosovars from being slaughtered by the Serbs. There were no combat fatalities. Gen Wesley Clark was the commander.

BLBeamer said...

Liam - Yay! We agree on the facts.