Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Meet Elysa at Musings from Graceland

Elysa Mac has been married to her former green beret "hunky hubby" for over 17 years. They have 7 children and are living out the adventure of homeschooling them on a hobby farm in the deep South. While her husband grew up in California and Canada not becoming an adopted son of the South til the late 80's, Elysa was born and raised in the same Southern state except for a couple of summers spent in California and the Chicago area when her dad worked on research at national nuclear laboratories. Since graduating from high school, she's lived in Israel and Swaziland, Southern Africa doing missions work primarily with children and teenagers. She's a graduate of Mississippi University for Women and says that her degree in Family and Human Development has obviously been put to good use. Elysa remembers giving her first political speech as part of a class project in junior high and got involved with her first campaign when her dad ran for office while she was in high school. During college, she got involved in the college Republicans during Reagan's campaign and continued to become more politically aware from that point on. After returning from Africa and marrying in the 90's, she started listening to Public Radio and Rush Limbaugh, initially, so she'd have "smart" things to talk to her brilliant engineer hubby about at the end of the day. After leaving her job as a mental health case manager to become a SAHM, she got involved with her area Young Republicans and would tote her baby up to the meetings in her car seat and push her around the neighborhood in her stroller hanging up campaign signs. She participated in political rallies and other campaign activities as well as becoming a frequent caller to a local radio talk show and even a guest co-host a few times. Over the years, her political activity has slowed down as the family grew but she continued to be a political news-junkie. This election cycle had left her frustrated and disappointed until McCain chose Sarah Palin as his VP running mate. Now she is energized and ready to not only vote out of duty, but vote with enthusiasm and spread the word about our need to fight for the right during this election...and make sure that McCain gets the message loud and clear that true conservatism DOES have a place in his administration.

What Elysa doesn't tell you above is that she is homeschooling her seven children and is a homeschool support group leader. She is also very involved in her church, an inner city outreach, and she returned to Africa with her two oldest girls earlier this year. I am honored to know her personally (I even got to be there when baby #5 was born!) and I love and miss her entire family very much! Elysa shares about the ministries she is involved in on her blog, Musings from Graceland. She also loves her some big hair, bright lipstick, funky colored nail polish, makes the best popcorn in the world and is tons of fun!


Roland Hulme said...

Homeschool SEVEN kids! That's commitment!

Elysa said...

LOL! No...that's LAZY! Can you imagine if I tried to get them all up and on the bus in the morning and then did 2 hours of homework, sports, etc. every evening??! I'd go InSanE! LOL! :D

Elysa said...

Oh...and thanks,Kelly, for your sweet words. I love you, too, beautiful one!