Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hey There Blog Buddies!

I am having a difficult time switching back over to political stuff after my fun weekend away! AND... I've got some real life water heater drama going on that needs to be taken care of. I'll be back tomorrow.


Two Dogs said...

Strangely enough, anytime that I get involved with something like you did this weekend, it makes me even more motivated politically. I see things much more clearly when I feel as if I am making efforts to get my own house in order.

So then I can demand things of others. Make no mistake, I am the one that you have been waiting for.*

*Sorry for the error in language and sentence structure, the Obamessiah is not known for his intelligence, well he is by morons, and I stole that line from him.

BLBeamer said...

Plumbing dramas are my very favorite type of household disaster. We've had two in the last two years, and they were fun Fun FUN!

Just Me said...

Ooooh, ick. Good luck with your water heat.

Starbucks card arrived yesterday, too. Thank you!!

Just Me said...

Ummm... that should've been "water heater."