Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin's Speech

First of all, I want to say that I want Mike Huckabee to come tell me bedtime stories and tuck me in bed at night.

And... oh my goodness! That little Piper is so adorable I could eat her with a spoon! I melted into a puddle when she licked her hand and slicked back her baby brother's hair. Absolutely precious!!!

And... I think I want to be Sarah Palin when I grow up.

Okay, give it up. What are your thoughts? I will add my more grown up thoughts later.

Roland says:

"I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a 'community organizer,' except that you have actual responsibilities."

Hee Hee.

Mr Obama? This is UPS calling. We have a delivery for you from Sarah Palin. It's labelled 'Your Ass, handed to you.'

Liam says:

I thought as a speech it was a very good speech... she exceeded my expectations... of course as many people said the bar was set so low for her that so long as she didn't trip on stage it would have been a success.

I did think it was a bit too mockery-filled... Rather than bringing people together, mockery only serves to stratify them more. "I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a 'community organizer,' except that you have actual responsibilities." Riiight... Except while a community organizer was keeping someone's house from being repossessed, you were the mayor of a town of 9,000 trying to fire the librarian for not banning books. While a community organizer was trying to get retraining for a steelworker who was laid off the job, you were putting your 'small town' deeply in debt to the tune of $20mil. While a community organizer is trying to keep kids off the streets and from killing each other, you were firing the police chief of Wasilla and was almost recalled. And btw... She's comparing two different time frames...

When she was Mayor of Wasilla (96-02), Obama wasn't a community organizer, he was a state senator.When he was a community organizer (1985-1988), Palin was in college at University of Idaho. When Palin was mayor she ran up $20mil in debt and managed to secure $27mil in earmarks for Wasilla (doesn't McCain abhor that?).

Stephanie says:

Well let's see... I thought she had presence, that is for sure. And I was really excited to see a woman up there with a growing family. Many would say she was not qualified because she was a mother. She has a beautiful family and should be proud. I was a bit surprised that she had a baby. Yikes, how can you become somebody in the political realm with a child less than a year old? I was just getting over the depression and trying to figure out how to juggle. I think it probably helps that she has older kids.

I think that McCain is hoping that having a woman in his VP slot will even out the balance of the historic circumstances Barak brings as the first African American on the ticket for president. But really I would be more apt to vote for the Republican ticket if Palin were running for President. As is, she will be the bulldog that gets to say the more nasty things about the competition while McCain keeps his hands clean. She could be better than that.

Mostly, as a tuned in and quickly out repeatedly to the convention I was struck by the meanness of it all. The Barak bashing was just appalling. (Again, I did not watch the Democratic convention much either so if McCain bashing was happening as much I would have been as annoyed.)

In terms of Palin's speech, it was entertaining and riveting but it carried little substance except for the manure continually slung at Obama.

Two Dogs says:

Not to mock Liam, but when Palin was Mayor of Wasilla, every single spending bill was voted on by the town and passed overwhelmingly. They are called "bond issues" and that is how spending increased, the citizens voted to improve schools and roads because businesses were expanding at rapid rates STRICTLY because of policy introduced by Palin. Individual expenditure increased by seventeen dollars per YEAR! She grew the town. You know, THAT is the difference between actually having executive experience and just lying about having executive experience.

Weird that Liam didn't point out that as GOVERNOR of Alaska, Palin reduced property taxes by 60%. Is Liam doling out selective information? No, that 60% reduction in property taxes was not included in his talking points e-mail.

And let's just call the "community organizing" what it is really. Obama was a mercenary in the class and race wars. That is all he did, incite violence on Chicago's Southside. He was not hired to help poor folks EARN their way from proverty, he was there to create anarchy, hate, and discontent. Doing this promoted one thing, VICTIMHOOD in a people that need help and inspiration from someone that is not trying to pass out alms from the ruling class, but someone that is trying to pass out motivation from the working class. End of accomplishments, sorry FAILURES.

The Obama points? He has executive experience from running a presidential campaign. "My experience that is needed to BE president comes from me RUNNING for president!" What a moron and sheeple fall for it every time. Obama is middle America? Yeah, that is exactly why McCain said that middle class makes five million a year, as a jibe at Obama making 4.2 million a year. Did the media point that out? Of course not, the fifth column needs Obama to further misinform and oppress the masses. Gosh, we cannot have normal people reporting the news and running this country! It's too important to allow the unwashed masses to have a voice!

The population of a small town outside of Anchorage became the major bedroom community for the city. It is now the fourth largest city in Alaska, how big is Hyde Park, the millionaire enclave in Chicago, where Obama lives behind his gated walls, keeping the real Chicago at bay? Hyde Park reminds me of the way that the towns of the Darks Ages were built. Kings in luxury, blacksmiths in ruins. Think about that, please.

The attacks on Sarah Palin from the Democrats tell you that she is to be feared and that is exactly what Democrats feel. They cannot have NORMAL people trying to run the government, those lower class folks are not smart enough to know how to spend their own money. It's MADNESS! Just like cockroaches that steal food from your kitchen at night, they scurry when the light is turned on to their game plan of theft and redistribution. They promote people becoming deadbeats and government slaves.

People should abandon and actually do the research necessary about situations they do not understand instead of getting their news in an e-mail from people in Europe. Europe sucks, travel there and see if you do not believe me. Paris smells like the Porta-Potty row at a tractor pull. Oh, you can't afford to jetset like Barry Obama because over 50% of your salary is taken away from you and given to people that do not work! Just saying.

The Palin speech, nothing special to me. Yes it was rousing at times and her's makes Obama's delivery look like some ham-fisted elitist being controlled by the puppet-masters of the Party, the Royal Party. Wonder why Barry found the need to deliver his acceptance speech right down on the porch of Tara? Because he is the plantation ruler and we are the cotton pickers.

The reason that most normal people enjoyed Palin's speech is because SHE believes in most of what she was saying and she knows what it is like to get crushed under the wheels of big government and taxation, she has FIVE KIDS and a fishing business! To think that this wasn't just a political speech is wrong, it was focus group tested to reach the people for whom it was designed. Conservatives had no one in this race, it was an election between the farthest left fringe and dregs of society and the very center, now WE have someone that we can herald. Granted, there is not much that a VP can do, least of all one that is serving in a McCain administration, which will be moderate at best. Yes, you know that McCain is much better for our country than Obama, no matter how much you do not like John, but you have the guilt that Obama's campaign and every major media outlet has been browbeating you with since day one back in 2002. They continually screech, "Poor, poor Obama! He is sacrificing himself to save us!" I feel sorry for him, too, but it is because he is so sandpoundingly dumb and you see it, normal people do. Refuse to acknowledge that Obama has half-black blood and look at him for what he is, you are NOT a racist if you do not vote for the black guy, you are a racist if you VOTE for the black guy. He is just another cynical America hating elitist, silver spoon fed by radicals that never worked, that continues to hate everything that is important to you, and who has a belief system that is contrary to our country's intent. Ignore McCain as well, the Democrat VP pick, wait, does anyone really remember who is on the bottom of Obama's ticket? No, Joe Biden was important for two minutes for the first time in his life. When Biden comes back out to start his gaffing carnival laughfest, watch how BITTER and CLINGY he is. This guy hates us.

The fact that the producers of this massive RNC production actually let her say the words that every single person (NOT IN SPECIAL ED!) is thinking could possibly be the break that we plebians are waiting for.

There is HOPE, but it is not now, nor has it ever been with the Democrat Party, we can go all the way back to every single bit of oppression that is the basic platform of their party. Maybe Palin is going to institute the change that we need, but it is probably still years down the road and that is only if the corruption in Washington doesn't do to her what it has done to Obama, Biden, and McCain.

Obama represents change? Where? how?


Becky said...

I, too, would allow Huckabee to tell me stories. Oh, wait...he used to be a preacher. Nuff said.

He rocked...and was my first choice for GOP nominee, but....

drum roll please...

screw McCain...

Palin for President!:)

Yes ma'am. I am in like flinn. She had me at hello.

And I agree with Roland about something, finally...Obama got a taste of small town white girl...all in his face. I loved it! I also love that there was not a single apology for her choices, her family's circumstances, or her dogmatic style...she was confident and assertive and what the democratic ticket will likely be calling a b***h. (Excuse my language)

Oh..and she can field dress a moose...or so I've been told.

The Maid

Just Me said...

I liked Palin. I liked how she came across. Yes, there were a lot of digs at Obama, and maybe some of them should have been trimmed for this monumental step into the arena.

I'm entangled in what is turning out to be a worthless debate on my favorite message board. Frankly, I'm disappointed. In short, there are two threads, one Rep, one Dem.

Naturally, there's a lot of trash talking on both. I asked the Dems to tell me why they supported Obama, not why they disliked McCain. I wanted to hear their perspective on Obama's positives.

Of all the people on that board, only two gave me the positive, uplifting answers I sought. The rest have called me names and told me to go away. It was disappointing.

Amber said...

I had my doubts about Palin and the why she was chosen, but after some research and then that incredible speech last night I am fully behind her.
My sister has lived in Wasilla for five years now and she has such a long list of what Palin brought to that town as well as to the state of Alaska that I have no choice but to have deep admiration for her tenacity, morals, and determination for making Alaska a better place for its residents. I have no doubt that she will try and do the same for the lower 48 states.
I think she is more in touch with the average person than Obama could ever hope to be. I don't feel like she is talking down to us at all.
Her actions in fighting to rid her state of corruption, despite the party lines, is admirable, but the fact that she has actually succeeded is comendable.
People like Palin who push against the current to achive goals will always have people trying to destroy their credibility. They will always deal with one-sided stories that highlight only the bad and not the good. This is what we are seeing with the mainstream liberal media. It makes me angry when people spout half-truths without researching the full story.
I am digressing now. I apologize.
Anyway, I like her and I agree that I wish SHE were running for president instead of McCain. :) As much as Obama's campaign is focusing on her you would think that is the case.
Ok, I'm done. LOL

Anonymous said...

Amber: I understand Mayor Palin brought a lot of stuff to Wasilla... How exactly did she do that?

One word. EARMARKS.

The same earmarks she and John McCain now claiming they're against. Before she was mayor Wasilla barely got any federal money for projects. While she was mayor Wasilla got $27mil in earmarks. John McCain pointed some of the Wasilla earmarks himself as abuses of the earmark system:

"In 2001, McCain's list of spending that had been approved without the normal budget scrutiny included a $500,000 earmark for a public transportation project in Wasilla. The Arizona senator targeted $1 million in a 2002 spending bill for an emergency communications center in town -- one that local law enforcement has said is redundant and creates confusion." -- LA Times -,0,2482434.story

Roland Hulme said...

"Europe sucks, travel there and see if you do not believe me. Paris smells like the Porta-Potty row at a tractor pull."

Erm. Normally when I read that, it's later discovered that the person who wrote it's never been to Europe.

I worked in Paris for four years. It's a VERY clean city. They wash the streets every morning. If you want a dirty city, go to London. If you want a city that smells like pee, travel on the subway in Manhattan (I know, I do.)

I share you point that European journalists are generally WILDLY inaccurate and misguided about American politics - but please lay off the insults about Europe. It makes you sound like an ignorant hick.

Amber said...

So really, she's using the earmarks pretty responsibly and how they were designed to be used. Obama in 2007 alone requested $344,568,333.00 worth of earmarks. My fingers are cramping or I'd add in the 2006 figures as well. This is according to

Palin's are a TOTAL of $27 million and she's been in office four years.

I have no doubt that Palin's earmarks were requested with good intentions and to honestly help Wasilla. Just because McCain flagged them does not mean they were frivilous. I will let her 80% approval rating and budget surplus which is given back to the people speak for itself.

Amber said...

Sorry, that number of years should be 12, not 4. She became mayor in 1996. So, $27 million spread over 12 years... not bad.

Anonymous said...

Amber: Obama represents the entire State of Illinois... Population: 12,852,548... that makes the earmarks per capita $26.80. Palin represented the city of Wasilla... Population: 8,000... That makes the earmarks per capita $3,375.

Anonymous said...

Palin was mayor of Wasilla for 8 years. She was unable to run for more than that, term limits prevented a 3rd term.

Coffee Bean said...

Now, y'all know I'm undeducated and I don't like math...

Okay, estimate the popultion of Wasilla is 7,000 and she was mayor for 8 years.

Now, estimate the population of Alaska is around 626,000 and she was the Governor for 1.8 years.

Now 8 x 7,000 = 56,000

and 626,000 x 1.8 = 1,126,800

Now add 56,000 + 1,126,800 = 1,182,800

Okay that number, 1,182,800, represents the total population during her time in office.

Now divide 1,182,800 by $27,000,000

It comes out to $22.83 per person per year.

Okay. Now take Obama's $344,568,333.00 in earmarks for just 2007 and divide it by 12,852,548.

It comes out to $2.68 per person per year.

I totally suck at math but... There is a huge difference between $3,375 per person and $22.83 per person. So does anyone who is a whiz with math want to figure it out for real?

Anonymous said...

the $27mil was only the earmarks while she was mayor of Wasilla... not while she was governor of Alaska... Even if you divide it up by the 8 years she was mayor... it still comes out to $422 per citizen of Wasilla per year. Still about 16 times as much as Obama asked per citizen of Illinois per year.

Coffee Bean said...

Okay Liam. $422 is A LOT less than $3,375.

Let me ask you this... Because I don't know... How much money did Governor Palin save Alaskans during her 1.8 years... or how much more did she cost them?

Anonymous said...

Palin didn't make Alaska a lot of money... the price of oil did. Alaska's budget is unlike any in the country because they get a ton of money from oil revenues. Yes Alaska has a huge surplus, but Palin shouldn't take credit for it. The surplus is the result of $100+ barrels of oil.

In 2007 Palin signed the Alaska budget, the largest budget ever, $6.6bil.