Thursday, September 4, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin RANT

Sarah Palin is gorgeous. We women all see it, too, and remark on it. I initially found some mens' reactions to her amusing. It's almost as if they couldn't believe someone could be that "hot" and smart. As a woman, I even felt a little sense of pride if that makes any sense. She definitely posesses a high degree of charisma. Now I am seriously annoyed.

I was listening to Glenn Beck on the radio as I drove to pick up my son from football practice. I was MORTIFIED by the direction he took. He actually put on some Barry White and told us listeners to light a candle on our dashboards. He then proceeded to play clips from her speech last night where she was putting Obama in his place... all the while saying things between and making (cough) noises...ugh, I'm so utterly disgusted. He even called it "Political Porn." What the heck?!?!?! Rush Limbaugh is slobbering all over himself too!

There are men (and women) saying that she has no right to be taking on a responsibility like that when she has children at home including a special needs infant and calling into question her commitment to her family. There are so many women out there that would love nothing more than to be able to stay home with their children... but they can't. Does that mean they are not putting their families first? Sure there are those that "choose" to work. Does that automatically mean that their families are not their priority? Some women do not do well staying home and find that they are able to be better mothers by getting out of the house. A good friend of mine in Mississippi worked full-time. Her husband started an affair with another woman while she was pregnant with their second child. She was left with a three year old and a 2 month old infant. She is one of the most dedicated moms I've ever known. We used to walk together at 5 am. She fixed her family a hot breakfast almost every morning. She went to work all day, came home and they ate dinner together. She had married her 2nd husband by the time I met her. They were very involved in their church, the kids' school and in coaching sports. In fact, that is how we met. Her husband was our girls' soccer coach. Her house was immaculate. Every thing about her was tied to her family. They were her top priority, no question!

Now we've got men who can't get past Palin's looks. She is being reduced to some object of fantasy. Oh yeah, they throw in how smart she is and blah blah blah... but she's HOT! So what?!?!! Those same men that have been turned into blithering idiots of bubbling testosterone are outraged by those uptight control freak men who self-righteously proclaim women belong nowhere but in the home... preferably popping out their spawn at alarming rates and calling them Lord.

I am completely and utterly disgusted. You'd think that with what she's accomplished she would be afforded some respect. And if I was Glenn Beck's wife... I'd be kicking his ass.


One Salient Oversight said...

I think there is a genuine concern that Palin is being given a "free pass" on some socially conservative points. Whatever our individual opinions of Palin are, the fact is that there are many Christians and Christian commentators out there who DO see a woman's highest calling as being wife and mother and should not become a wage earner while under her Husband's headship.

The problem occurs when the people who support such a belief are quite willing to say "Well, Sarah Palin is different and the same rules don't apply to her.", which is tantamount to "It's okay if you're a Republican" thinking.

One of the ways in which this was worked out was to compare the outrage directed towards Jamie Lyn Spears and her mother when her pregnancy became public last year. I am reasonably certain that, like Bill O'Reilly, many conservative Americans shook their heads in outrage and depicted the 16 year old Spears and her parents as "pinheads" (as O'Reilly puts it). Yet when Bristol Palin's pregnancy is revealed, the same crowd become very protective and annoyed at the horrible judgemental media.

Put simply, if you were morally outraged at Jamie Lyn Spears and her mother, you have to be morally outraged at Sarah and Bristol Palin.
I am personally not worried about Palin's "attractiveness". I am more concerned with substance. She could be overweight, look like a wicked witch and speak like a robot for all I care. Moreover, I don't really respect people who would disagree with me on this point.

So what of her substance? I have only seen a small amount, so I shall reserve judgement for the time being.

Coffee Bean said...

Hmmmm... I do see my highest calling as being a wife and mother and have been home the majority of the time that I have been married and had children. What about those families that need the mom to work? There are Christian families where that is the case. Is it okay for the woman to work if the husband tells her she can? I know Chrisitian families where the wife wants to stay home but her husband won't let her and it isn't because they need the money. Is it not possible for a mom to also be called to do something in addition to being a mom and a wife?

Not all Chrisitians are Republicans and not all Republicans are Christians.

Those you see in the media.. right or left... are not an accurate representation of what they are representing as a whole.

As for this conservative Christian, I was glad to see Jamie Lynn keep her baby in spite of all that would be said about their family. AND, quite truthfully, I have never had a conversation about Jamie Lynn with anyone other than my husband and it was in passing and was just that it must have been doubly hard to make the decision to keep the baby with everything that family had been through and constantly being in the spotlight.

And I haven't seen a big flip flop of conservative Christians now supporting Palin that wouldn't have before. Those that are outspoken about it I would have expected it. But, I will say that I'm sure there are some that have changed their tune. The world is full of hypocrits as are the churches. It is no different now than it was before

I'm kind of interested in why you seem to be quite vehement on this subject, especially when you live in Australia. What is your personal opinion of a woman working outside the home? I know from your site that you are an Evangelical, pro-life, and are for big government. I think I read that your wife also works. Is this just a judgement you are making of the American conservatives or something else? I'm just a bit confused.

Stephanie said...

I do NOT like Glenn Beck. And that CNN sponsors him everyday makes me very sad. I watch CNN Headline News... but my evenings are always ruined by Glenn Beck and Nancy Grace. Its like I turned to Fox News or something.

In the South you can't be Christian and a Democrat. (LOL) Sadly many people believe that.

And I saw that same report on O'Reilly... very funny stuff. Both his clips were aired by Jon Stewart and he contradicted himself from Spears to Palin. But my belieff is that O'Reilly is a Pinhead. I dislike him more than Beck!

I am not sure why people have to be so obnoxious and offensive when sharing their views. I guess for television its the ratings. But offensiveness is not limited to on air personalities. If you want to win someone over to your perspective, calling them names and degrading their perspective in not the way to do it.

Just Me said...

My only concerns with Palin taking office would be the severity of the child's Down Syndrome. The effects can be from mild to life-threatening.

My husband's cousin had a boy with SEVERE Down Syndrome. He endured a number of heart and spinal surgeries, and his parents spent many months with their son in and out of hospital and therapy.

If Sarah Palin's husband wants to take on the Mr. Mom role, GOOD FOR HIM. Go for it. The White House has had young children running through its halls for many times in the past. You can argue that past Presidents and the VPs were in the spotlight while the wives cared for the kids, but the roles of the wives were (and still are) involved with many public duties. The Palins will be just fine.

I have no problem with my husband drooling over Sarah Palin and what he calls her [sexy] librarian look. He also recognizes that she's a tough, smart lady who can hold her own with the big dogs.

(And hey, if her looks are what bring an otherwise uninformed vote to your candidate's table, what's the harm?)

Just Me said...

My last comment on uninformed voters was tongue-in-cheek.

On the Jamie Lyn Spears issue, I felt equally sad as I do for Bristol. Becoming a parent at 34 (with a husband) was a daunting task. I couldn't imagine doing that at 16 or 17. I give those young girls a lot of credit for their courage.

Stephanie: Politics and religion are two topics that will always bring out the ugly in discussion with opposing views. Passionately held beliefs are passionately defended.

I agree that the name calling is childish and does nothing to support a cause, but it happens all the time. I wish I could share the thread with the members-only board I belong to. I asked question and was basically ordered to go away. Are they free-thinking individuals or just a bunch of sheep blindly following the leader?

Roland Hulme said...

I think the whole reason she IS so attractive is because she's capable and accomplished and has achieved so much without making a big deal of it.

I think she enrages some feminists because she's governor of Alaska AND a mum too.

You know - instead of bitching about how the world's so unfair and sexist, she's just quietly gone out and done her thing while not losing sight of being a mum and a woman.

She's pretty amazing - and that's why I think she's attractive.

(Also, she is kind of cute.)

Becky said...

It is so funny that this is even fodder to blog about. Obama is an attractive (to some)man and has driven women out to vote for him based upon his young and healthy good-looks kind of appearance.

Obama has also paraded his beautiful wife and kids around for scoring points with the media.

Palin steps out and isn't coyote ugly and all of a sudden it is newsworthy. People vote for a candidate based upon their appeal.
For some that might mean their appearance, for some their beliefs, and for some their political alignment with their own interests.

It is shameful that conservative media has resorted to saying things like "political porn"...that merely discredits a very worthy candidate.

I am in a very conservative Christian circle, and I didn't hear the Christian community bashing Jamie Lynn Spears...the people I know were saddened by it. Mainly because she came from the Disney brand...which so many of us have rubber stamped as "family friendly" for our kids...and we are always shocked (for some odd reason) when the Hollywood kids turn out to be human and make the mistakes that are made by kids their age all over the country.

My first reaction to her daughter being pregnant was that it would cast a shadow on the Republican ticket...but because Sarah Palin is a strong candidate and a very capable speaker, our concerns about her were at least temporarily calmed.

There has been, and always will be, ugliness tossed at the candidates children (Amy Carter was picked on, Chelsea Clinton was dogged for being unattractive, and Bush's daughters were slammed for being underage drinkers) what this says to me is that Sarah Palin, knowing all of that, sat down with her children and her husband and said, "I have been given this opportunity and what do you think we should do?"

My guess is that the family as a whole was excited as the public is...and said bring it on!

I bet that Governor Palin has taught her daughters more about resiliency, respecting life, and not backing down from ugly accusations...than many of us will ever know!

They are not new to politics and for them it is likely business as usual.

Whew...that was long. Sorry about that!

Again, I agree with Roland...Sarah Palin is attractive for so many other reasons! :)

The Maid