Monday, September 29, 2008

Debates and Interviews

I didn't get to watch the debate until Saturday. I actually had a hard time focusing midway through. Anyone else growing weary of it all? I did not watch the pre or post debate talk. I don't really care what all those that like to dissect it all afterwards have to say, those on TV anyway. I thought it was pretty dry. I do feel that McCain finished better than Obama but not in a slam dunk kind of way. Just better.

Did anyone watch the Sarah Palin interview with Katie Couric? I did not. I've only seen the one clip they keep playing where Sarah said she'd get back to her about McCain's record.

I wish we could just vote tomorrow and be done with it.

Any thoughts on the bail outs?


Roland Hulme said...

I think Obama clearly beat McCain in the debate - but McCain wasn't shabby, by any means.

two very capable candidates, all told.

BLBeamer said...

I lost interest about halfway through but to the extent I watched I felt it was a draw. Both scored some points, but no obvious groaners.

As I was changing the channel I thought, "300 million people and this is the best we can do?"

Just Me said...
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Just Me said...

I didn't see the entire debate either. The Oracle kept flipping between the debate and a baseball game, so I got all smarty-pants and tuned in via my computer. I fell asleep within twenty minutes.

I did get annoyed when both candidates were asked which of their pet projects would be cut to fund the $700B buyout, and neither of them gave a direct-enough answer.

BLBEAMER: It's the best we can do because nobody in their right mind WANTS that job.

Hmmm... Let's see. Scratch and claw your way over the bodies of your opponents just to win the primary. HA! try doing that without destroying every hope of the support you'll need from them later.

Have your every recorded action since birth and every campaign donation scrutinized and questioned ad nauseam.

Spend six months doing your best to make your opponent look bad without appearing petty and mean yourself. (McCain's ads have mostly sucked in this regard, I think.)

If you survive Election Day and actually make it to the White House, you get to spend at least four years battling Congress for anything and everything you'd like to accomplish. At the same time you're hounded from all sides by a group of people full of advice and opinion on everything from education to world politics.

And let's not forget having your life and family under scrutiny until you die, with every slightly improper action splashed all over the papers and picked apart from The View in the morning to Conan O'Brien at night.

Shoot. I've barely scratched the surface, and there's no question why every President physically ages faster than Moses looking upon the face of God.

Nope. With a few exceptions, this is why truly smart people won't run for President. The smart ones know that the job is a big and ugly no-win situation.

Unfortunately, ego isn't enough to effectively run a country, but ego is what brings candidates to the light.

Sarah said...

I completely agree with you. McCain barely had the upper hand at the end--as a friend of mine put it, if McCain had behaved the whole time as he did in the second half he would have cleaned Obama's clock. But he didn't. So it was basically a draw in my opinion.

Interesting point: my aunt, a life-long demoncrat, decided after watching this debate that Obama wasn't worth her vote (granted, she has never watched a Presidential debate in it's entirety... but still).

I didn't watch Sarah Palin's interview. I should at some point.

The bailout--one of the biggest mistakes in our nation's history. God help us if it gets passed. Good on the House for defeating it!

One Salient Oversight said...

I've seen some of the Couric/Palin interviews on Youtube. They're not as bad as some lefty bloggers would say but they are still pretty bad. Palin seems caught between trying to answer questions and trying to regurgitate talking points - and doing neither properly.

I can forgive any potential leader for "freezing up" in an interview... but not for displaying lack of knowledge or an inability to understand questions.

Two Dogs said...

Well, I scored the debate a full out win for the Obamessiah. He didn't "uh" his way through most it and he almost kept his seething rage in check. Dang, how mad can one person seem anyway? Does Barry hate everything in this world or just the United States of America? And who came up with the ridiculous idea that Barry Obama was intelligent and a good speaker? Obviously, the same ones that came up with "Al Gore/John Kerry is just too dang smart to be President." You know, to me, Barry makes Michael Dukakis appear intelligent and that is like making Emmitt Smith look intelligent.

Barry's lying really got to me because I know that most people aren't smart enough to know that pretty much everything Obama said was false and McCainiac didn't bother to call him on it. Barry's bracelet lie was really telling, the Kissinger lie was pretty over the top, as well as his false statement that he would support a missile defense system.

Anyhoo, I scored it a Barry win because quite frankly he didn't get his head stuck in a bucket during the debate and that has been nearly impossible for him to do throughout his entire life. Well, that and put his clothes on backwards. My expectations for Barry are very low and I assumed that McCainiac's superior intelligence and experience would make Barry look like the idiot he is. I was disappointed. So, Barry 1 McCainiac 0.

As far as the Palin/Couric interview, I didn't watch it. The fact that Katie Couric has a job that is not in the fast food industry amazes me. I simply cannot imagine what it must be like to have to repeatedly ask for clarification on what in the MORTAL HECK Katie is asking. I can only imagine what Katie asked.

"Sarah, since you are obviously the anti-Christ and Barack Obama is so absolutely dreamy and a gift from Gaia, why did you ban all those books in the Wasilla Library and try to pass legislation to make it LEGAL for evil oil executives to rape prepubescent boys? And why are you trying to deny it now?"

And "How is your new grandson, Trig? Oh, please, we all know that is your grandson, just will you finally tell the truth?"

Bailouts - FAIL. They'll pass it tomorrow or there will be a bunch of Democrats losing their committee assignments. By the way, my removal of myself from the market is not looking so crazy now, huh? -777.68 on the Dow today. Where's my armor piercing bullets, OSO?

One Salient Oversight said...

It's amazing how many reasonably sane econ-blogs there are around with people commenting about guns and canned food.

There's a lot of scared people out there at the moment.

Two Dogs said...

Why weren't they scared over the last year and a half when it became apparent that the card house was crumbling? And what will they do when Congress attaches the Band-Aid to the problem tomorrow after the 1000 point drop from the opening bell?

I am saying 2500-3000 point fall this week unless Congress does something stupid and gives them a bunch of money to prop up the rotten porch. If Congress bails them out, it will immediately go back up and stabilize until the next wave of minimum wage increases and government regulation.

*Yawn* I got my Spam and Eggs.

BLBeamer said...

3,000 point drop?? Now we're talking. My 401-K's dollar-cost averaging contributions are going to pay off handsomely one day.