Monday, August 25, 2008

I am Coming Back Today!!!

Okay, Liam, you made me laugh. I am coming back today but won't be putting my post up until later. I had wanted to go at this by first going over some basic information on United States history and how our government works... but after thinking it over some... decided to start with the basics of economics. However, my darling daughter, who I just dropped off at college last week, asked me who the governor of Colorado is... my darling daughter who will be voting in 3 months. My oldest daughter will also be voting in 3 months. It is my hope to lay things out in such a way as to get them thinking for themselves and make their own decisions. I thought we would have accomplished this when they were being homeschooled... but, apparently not. Interestingly, I've also come to realize that I am not even sure why I think the way I do on certain issues. So, hopefully, I will also learn to think for myself where politics are concerned and be able to adequately explain why I stand where I do.

So, I am changing direction. The decision to write this blog was made without my taking into consideration what we had coming up as a family. I really should have waited until now to start this. But, I didn't, and I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal so it is what it is. With there only being 3 months until the election I want to look at what is happening now and throw in the history stuff as we go along and as it pertains to what is happening. We've got the Democratic National Convention this week in Denver so... I am going to start with that. But... Guess what? I don't really know how to explain it so I am having to do some research and get it all sorted out before I post about it. I am uneducated after all.

I am really hoping that the few of you that read this will help me along the way... Correct me when I am wrong... Point out things I didn't think of... Share resources that back up what you believe and why. I really and truly know just enough to get me in trouble.

I am going to take care of a few housewifely things and then I need to read a bit more before I write my real post for today.


Anonymous said...

Well luckily you happen to have someone who has a degree in History and a minor in Political Science... and is a politics junkie to boot.

So... the Democratic National Convention... It meets every 4 years to decide a couple of things... First is the biggest... Who the Democratic presidential nominee is going to be. The primaries and caucuses are MOSTLY about deciding how many delegates a candidate has to send to the convention. Those delegates are the ones who vote on who the nominee is going to be.

Going into the convention, Sen Obama has 2,345 delegates and Sen Clinton has 1,972 delegates. 2,210 delegates are needed for the nomination. On Wednesday night they'll have the role call of states. At that time each delegation will have an opportunity to cast it's votes. "The great state of Colorado casts 36 votes for Senator Barack Obama and 19 votes for Senator Hillary Clinton!" yadda yadda...

You may hear some things about "releasing delegates". Senator Clinton won a number of delegates in the primaries and caucuses and those delegates are pledged to her. She may go ahead and tell them "It's ok, you don't have to vote for me, vote for Senator Obama". That's the rumour at least.

The other major task of the Convention is creating what is called a "platform". This is essentially a listing of all the things the party stands for. Individual issues are called... planks (go figure).

Since Sen Obama will undoubtedly be the nominee, most of the the things he stands for will be in the platform.

Hope that helps...

Roland Hulme said...

I love this blog and I can't wait to read more of it!

I did Joint Honors in History at university, but didn't do much on American history until I moved here and read about twelve books on the subject. I LOVE American history and am totally obsessed with Thomas Jefferson, who was just The Dude.

He started the Republican Party (against the Federalists) but the party as it exists today is in a sorry state compared to the vision he had. A marvellous man, an inspiration and the most astounding American ever.