Friday, August 29, 2008

D R A M A!!!

I actually watched Obama's speech last night after we got home from a football game. I intended to focus on that today... However, McCain announced that he has chosen Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, as his running mate.

My questions for today are:

1. Any thoughts on Obama's speech?

2. What do you think about McCain's choice for his running mate?

Don't know much about Sarah Palin? Roland does a great job on his blog of introducing Sarah Palin. If you are wondering how this could happen... here's a link to Adam Brickley's blog. He was homeschooled through high school and just graduated from college in May. He worked long and hard to draft Sarah Palin for Vice President.

Liam answers:

1. Any thoughts on Obama's speech?

Just about everyone, liberal and conservative, said it was an excellent speech. Pat Buchanan, the staunch conservative, said "It was a genuinely outstanding speech. It was magnificent." I loved the speech. He showed the Republicans that he wasn't going to sit back, but rather he was going to fight.

2. What do you think about McCain's choice for his running mate?

Setting aside my obvious partisanship... It is VERY risky. By selecting Palin he's completely giving up on the argument that Obama doesn't have the experience to be President. How can you make that claim when you've selected as your running mate someone who's only been the governor of a state who's population is smaller than most major cities... and only been the governor for less than 18 months. Her elected office before that? Mayor of Wasilla, population 9,000. That being said, it's quite obvious he's going after the women's vote and more pointedly the Hillary/Anti-Obama Democrats... The question is are they going support a staunch pro-life, Lifetime NRA member Republican? Ed Rollins, who was the campaign chair for Huckabee, called the pick a "hail mary pass"... And how often do hail mary passes actually work?

One Salient Oversight answers:

I've only been aware of Sarah Palin's selection for about half an hour. A few things have gone through my brain.

1. Both Republicans and Democrats are aware that women can't be considered a single voting "block". Democrat-leaning women are far more likely to vote for Obama than a Republican women. Similarly, Republican-leaning women were far less likely to vote for Hillary Clinton if she was in the race.

2. There is a chance that McCain said "Let's pick a woman so we can gain votes from Clinton supporters who are still annoyed at Obama's nomination." If that was his reason then I have very, very serious doubts about not just his chances in November but also the wisdom of his political advisors.

3. But if McCain chose Palin because he thought she was the best choice (as he would say publicly), then what is it about her that would endear her to voters? Being a Republican she is obviously a Conservative, but is she "centrist" enough to appeal? More than that, does her record show a competence in governing and a willingness to put aside partisanship to get things done?

4. I agree with your point that the whole "inexperience" argument is sort of contradicted here, but you could also argue that both teams have one person who is "young" (Obama/Palin) and one person who is "experienced" (McCain/Biden).Anyway that's my initial thoughts. When I know more I'll have a firmer opinion.

Two Dogs answers:

1. Typical yawner of the Democrat speech that Jimmy Carter gave in 1975. Only interesting to really dense people that have collectivist mentalities. Since Jimmy's 1975 campaign, every single Democrat has given the same speech with a different delivery. Barry's delivery comes from the Al Gore school of talking down to kindergarteners. Sandpoundingly bad in delivery, terrible talking points, and awful philosophy of more redistribution of wealth. Number one word was "promise." He said it 33 times. Remember, Barry lied about being on food stamps, his promises are worth nothing.

At least Britney Spears' set designers continue to work only with morons.

2. Palin is conservative and will be the thing that brings me into the McCain camp if John promises to only be president for one term. She has mathematically 5.1 times the executive experience than Obama has as senator. Of course that is comparing apples to oranges and apples are worth at least ten times as much as oranges. I have more on my first take of her at my blog. I don't want to cloud up your place too badly. And it includes the "v" word.

Elysa answers:'s my ever humble opinion... ;)

1. Obama's speech was boring. It went on and on and on. It fluctuated between trying to sound like a Republican Conservative on some points (saying that it wasn't about govt. but people being responsible) to liberalism and socialism (with his long list of things that the govt. would provide since people can't do it for themselves or others and these things would be payed for by extortion...taxes). Some of the things he said are in direct contradiction to things he has said in other speeches. And some of the things he said just don't have anything to stand on based on his own life and what he has accomplished. To be honest, I was surprised. I've heard him speak before and though I don't agree with the majority of his political views, I've always admired his speaking ability and likeable on-screen personality. We were bored and my kids (2 of which are teenage girls)kept complaining that we were making them watch it because we told them it was a "historical" event.

2. I LOVE the Palin choice. And EVERY SINGLE conservative, Republican woman that I have talked to or interacted with via email, etc. has gotten pumped up! To be honest, I don't think ANYONE of them liked McCain very much and the majority of us were planning on either NOT voting at all, voting for a third candidate/write-in out of protest, or holding our noses tightly and voting. I don't know of any Republican/conservative friend that was excited about his race or willing to campaign on his behalf. Now it's a totally different story and we're ready to do what we can to get Palin in the White House...oh, and John, too.

3. Yes, experience matters. But just as much if not MORE than experience is character and right thinking. Palin has the character, she's got the right stands on the issues (supported by the way she lives her life and has acted in the past), and she definitely has more EXECUTIVE experience than Barak Obama.

4. I think McCain's choice of a true conservative gave a very clear message to the party base that he DOES value us and he wants us part of his administration...something that most of us weren't too sure about in the past.

So there you have it from this SAHM Southern Belle. :)


debrah said...

I was considering sitting out this has been very heavy on my heart...I was begining to sense that I could no longer support a candidate who supports laws that defy God...these thoughts were very heavy on my heart and mind last week and then I woke to the murmurings about a woman named Sarah Palin...she's pro-life and stands against same sex marriage...she stood up against her own party and has turned down money for the bridge to nowhere...since June we have been setting aside one hour a week to pray for our nation...although we did not go to washington for the call dc we did join with another fellowship for a time of fasting and prayer for our nation...we will also be participating in the 40 days of prayer begining Sept. 24th...I believe that Sarah Palin just might be an answer to prayer...Am I bet...I am looking forward to hearing more about Sarah Palin...
We continue to pray that God's people will humble themselves and will repent turn back to God that we will be His people and He will be our God and He will Heal our Land...
Be Blessed,
In His Love,

Anonymous said...

I missed Obama's speech and Palin is under investigation by the FBI for misuse of public office.
If she's in prison - how well can she be the prez when the old fart dies ?